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Saturday Early Afternoon Comics YAY!

It may be early afternoon in Toronto, but it’s still morning in parts of Canada…damn the relentless ticking of that infernal clock.  If I didn’t have to sleep, I could get SO much more done.

You cannot escape the toons. I will find you, and cartoon in your yard!

-TRUE STORY:  Years ago, I was at a comic-book documentary movie premiere with Art Spiegelman (as well as many other cartoonists) and someone asked Spiegelman who would win in a fight between Superman and Jesus, and Art replied “Two Jews fighting?  Nobody wins.”

You may break up into discussion groups, to determine which answer works better.

(The Blasphemy Collection continues:  Hulk vs. The Buddha and Batman vs. The Beast of the Leviathan)


Here now, your COMIC BOOK moment of ZEN

For more opportunities to sue, be offended, or look at last week’s Bun Toons (Bus Stop Funnies) go HERE.

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