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Bandwagon Bun Toons!

Can I hop on?  I'll follow the trend...

Can I hop on the trend?

Okay.  So the MAN OF STEEL movie is making serious bank.  Obviously, there’s a public out there hungry for a cynical, terrifying Superman.

No one’s stupid enough to ignore that audience.  So…

websizeOf course, we need David S. Goyer and a production company to make the money off these ideas…but there’s gold in there, Jerry!  GOLD!

And I think I want that Family Circus panel as a T-Shirt.

By the way, just so there’s no confusion.  I actually liked the MAN OF STEEL movie…

Ty the Guy OUT!

DC Comics is already ahead of the trend of the parent company.  This is from a recent World’s Finest, apparently.

Next: Aquaman drowns Wonder Woman.

Next: Aquaman drowns Wonder Woman.  COOL.

Optimism and honour in our heroes is SO 20th Century.



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Newspapers, on the web? Why, it can't be!

It’s Thanksgiving weekend in the USA, which means family gathering, Christmas shopping, eating until sick, and sharing a Sunday newspaper.  Oh, when it comes, there’ll be some fussin’…as Mom wants the bargain ads, Dad and Pete wants the sports section, and little Jimmy and Sue are fighting over the funnies.  But today, EVERYBODY can enjoy the funnies together, online, the way God clearly intended them, or he wouldn’t have made the internet kick the newspaper industry to death.

There, now you can let your subscription lapse to whatever dying beast of a local paper you’re still paying for.   I’m here to serve.

Ty the guy OUT!

Here now, your newspaper comic strip bonus moment:

I have no idea what strip this is from, or who Ray Helle is, but a friend of mine who collects original art, came across this gem in its original art form for five dollars and let me scan it.  For the 60s, it’s a pretty dirty joke.


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Mrs. Saturday Morning Toons. YAY!

Yes, dear.

I wanted my wife to draw this week’s edition of the Bun Toon, like that fictional kid Billy, from FAMILY CIRCUS, used to do, back when that series was cute, and not the subject of constant scorn.

It's funny because it's an innocent's view of divorce.

But instead of drawing one of my scripts, Keiren wrote her own, using my old drawings for the art.   Darn woman.  I ask her to star in my movie, and instantly, she wants to direct.

So today: A BUN TOON treat from my personal muse, the Earth to my sky, the honey to my bee, the Madame to my Curie.

I was going to point out that she only chose drawings of me where I’m not wearing pants….but to be fair, I never wear pants in any of my self portraits.  And yet, we remain married.   AND NOW YOU KNOW MY SECRET SHAME!

Coming Soon:  I get each of my kids to draw one, and I never have to lift a pencil again!

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your comic book marriage moment of zen:


It really matters who's original idea this was, and who just went along with it...