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This Weekend…

Hey folks and focuses.  I’ll be seeing everybody in the free world tomorrow at the Fan Appreciation Convention in Toronto, so tonight I’m running loose in my studio, looking for art I’ve never showed off before, including pages from my recent Spider-Man/Thing/Harvey Pekar stuff, original art from my Bun Toons, some Dexter Animated art,  and some grocery receipts and shirt cardboards from the dry cleaners.

I’ve got a couple of fun prints to sell (woo hoo) some work in progress from the Bill Finger project, and might even have a story or two to tell about my new DC gig that’s too fun to contain.

And the BEST part of all, this is the first official convention guesting of Marvel and DC letterer and Moonstone Colorist, Mrs. Me.  The startlingly talented K.T. Smith (mother of my children and ruler of my heart) will be seated beside me.  Come on over and wave hello, we promise not to bite, unless there’s money in it for us.

Guy, Ty the.

Here now your comic book convention bonus moment:


Is there anyone who doesn't look great dressed as The Real Wonder Woman?

Fan Appreciation Event

So just a few more days until Toronto ComiCon Fan Appreciation Event. Yes, it’s not that long after that last con, but this one promises so much more! More comic book artists, more special guests,  more exhibitors…and there are workshops too. Ty will be doing a one hour “taste” of his TCW workshop, Drawing the Human Figure from Memory, (the actual seven week worskhop begins May 2–check TCW’s website for more info and to contact Sean Menard to register).  That will be Saturday April 9 at 3:00pm.

The next day will feature a workshop with Leonard Kirk, based on his TCW course, Comic Book Pencilling and Inking (the full course starts May 5).

Artists will be doing sketches, selling pages, and telling stories…and we’re not yet sure what will happen exactly but the Joe Shuster Awards‘ Kevin Boyd is contemplating the future of his Rob Granito hockey jersey. Boyd says he was given it a couple years ago and given the events of the last few weeks, does not wish to hang on to it. He is entertaining suggestions as to it’s possible end/demise and finding a way to use that demise to raise funds for charity. While Japan would clearly seem the obvious choice to many, especially as Toronto comic creators plan a fundraiser for Japan, it has been suggested by others, Ty amongst them, that The Hero Initiative would also be a good choice. As Ty commented (on Boyd’s FB wall), “I’d say Hero Initiative so Rob can contribute to the Comics Industry instead of stealing from it.” (He also said a lot of stuff about urination but we don’t need to discuss that right now!).  Stay tuned for further details on the hockey jersey…



Saturday Morning arrives, and like a trusted companion, the Bun Toons is always here! Reliable, honest, hardworking, and totally free, you lucky sons of guns.

Loyalty and Trust. Like a bank or a government, right?

Today, the legend of the Canine in the Large Chapeau….the Woof Woof with the Immense Cap….the Puppy with the Giant Fedora…it’s…

When tragedy strikes, pray you’re told of the news by a really cute cartoon pooch with a sombrero like a pie plate.

And now, this:

Hey!  By the time you’re reading this,  I’ll be at the South Convention Centre building in Toronto, helping to celebrate FAN APPRECIATION weekend.  That means that I’ll be shaking hands, doing sketches, and telling stories about the comics industry that would easily get me sued.

I’ll also be presenting an award at THE JOE SHUSTER AWARDS ceremony, and (most likely) losing an award in the category I’m nominated for (best script, for my STAR TREK GRAPHIC NOVEL, Star Trek:  Mission’s End).  I’ll be crossing my fingers, and my toes, AND the Rubicon, but it won’t work.  Tomorrow, come back here for the special “I didn’t win and the whole thing is silly anyway…who needs #$)(#@$)( awards?!” rant .    Tell you what…win or not, I’ll have a special NEVER BEFORE SEEN STAR TREK artwork blog post that you’ll enjoy.  ‘Specially the Trekkies!

That’s it for today.  Keep on breathing fellow babies, and try not to spill anything all over the Gulf of Mexico, or you’ll go straight to hell.

Ty The Guy

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Appreciating the fans…

and acknowledging the pros:

Tomorrow is the Fan Appreciation Event in Toronto, Canada. Cheap admission (if you buy product at local comic stores you can get free admission on Sunday. If you pay for admission on Sunday, you get a ten dollar voucher for local comic stores!), lots of pros, lots of product, lots of workshops, talks, etc. If you’re in the area, come check out Ty at…actually, I have no idea where he’ll be sitting. He’ll just wander around the building until he finds his name somewhere–so, heck, you can do the same!

While you’re wandering, there are many others to check out including some of Ty’s students and colleagues (David Cutler, artist of the upcoming not-completely-named Canadian Whites project Ty is writing); Gibson Quarter, artist for Wasted’s War on Drugs with Alan GrantFutureQuake’s Extinction Hunter; Greg Dunford, writer/creator of Cyberpunk Comics’ Hard Drive and Richard Pace, artist for The Pitt and so much more).

Then, on Saturday night, come out and join the crowd for The Joe Shuster Comic Book Creator Awards (Ty’s up for best writer). As it says on the site,

“The 6th Annual Awards Ceremony starts at 8pm on Saturday, June 5th, 2010 at the Innis Town Hall (University of Toronto, 2 Sussex Avenue) with returning Master of Ceremonies Jonathan Llyr”


It’s Tuesday…

which means it’s only four more days until Toronto ComiCon:   Fan Appreciation Event, where Ty will be signing, sketching and telling tales. (Lots of ’em–some of them even true.)


Coming Up…

It’s that time again…Toronto ComiCon Fan Appreciation Event is on in two short weeks (ish).  June 5-6, 2010, all pertinent info including guest listings on the site. Only $10 at the door (children under 10 are free) and if you spend $10 at a comic store in the next two weeks (in the GTA) you can get a voucher for free Sunday admission to the show. Or, conversely, if you pay for admission on Sunday, you can get a $10 voucher for comic stores. Kind of a win-win situation, there!

And, Saturday night…The Joe Shuster Awards are on at U of T, Innis Hall. All the relevant info for that event are on the Joe Shuster Awards site. Check out the list of nominations as well (the Guy is up for Writer).

Ty Templeton | Promote Your Page Too

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Upcoming appearances…

Ty will be at the HobbyStar Toronto ComiCon June 5-6, 2010, Fan Appreciation Event.