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Sex and Fanboys Bun Toons! Woah!

What's the difference between being sexy and sexist?

What’s the difference between being sexy and sexist?

There’s a T-Shirt design that’s been going around the ‘net (and a convention or two) for a while… one that seems intent on offending women fans at conventions.

I’m all about the rebuttal…Click on any of these images and they will take you to a full sized image, large enough to print out and turn into a T-Shirt transfer.  Free to all…

upset by a woman once

bitter misogynist

Clearly Not Filling the Cup

Of course, retaliation just makes everyone ramp up the rhetoric and all of a sudden we have a war on our hands.  So don’t wear these in public after all…

I’ve just never understood the Boys-Only club mentality of fandom.  Why on EARTH wouldn’t anyone want more fans for their favorite thing?  It means sequels get made to stuff fans like if there’s more fans.  And could someone remind me why meeting a woman who shares your interests is instantly threatening to some men?

I’ve heard it said that men are afraid of women because women might laugh at them and women are afraid of men because men might assault them physically and kill them.    So the distrust is a level playing field…

Ty the PERSON, Out!

Just in case you think this comic book misogyny is something remotely new…

The 40s...

The 40s…

The 50s...

The 50s…

The 60s...

The 60s…

Do I have to go on…?


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Annoyed Ranting Bun Toons YAY!

I have a lawn, and you kids are getting OFF it!

Behold the crankiest of human beings known to science:  a middle aged fanboy with a complaint.

Actually, next week is Christmas, and we’ll be facing the empty promises involved with THAT.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Now your BONUS moment of comic books supporting the troops.

Soldiers passing out Superman comics which explain to the locals how to safely deal with land mines.


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Bun Toons and Fans! Like PB and J!

Is it Saturday again?  Damn this calendar and its relentless march!

(Or is it September?)

I am bunny, hear me roar - In numbers too big to ignore.

I can only be a nice guy for SO LONG before I snap.  It’s what bunnies are like.

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That’s it for today…see you here tomorrow for the best Convention Sketch I’ve done, like EVER.   It’s a commission I did at home, and I actually like it…that never happens.


Here now, your comic book moment of zen.