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2012 Convention Schedule and more…

Ty promised himself that he was going to be posting more on the blog this year and was getting frustrated that he hasn’t had the time–until I pointed out that it’s that he has so much work to do, all of which he’s excited to be doing.  But I did promise that I’d pop in to mention a few things, so here ya go…

The official start to Ty Templeton’s 2012 Convention Season is next-next weekend. Usually, Ty only does the Toronto shows but after doing the wildly-successful wildly-enjoyable Montreal Comiccon last year, he’s agreed to do more for 2012.  There might be a few additions to the list later in the year but for now, this is it:

Formerly known as Fan Appreciation and now Toronto ComiCon as presented by Fan Expo. And expanded to two days– Saturday March 10-Sunday March 11.

Toronto Cartoonists Workshop will be there, sharing a booth with The Comic Book Lounge & Gallery. (You might be able to register for the upcoming workshops at the show…but classes will begin the Monday after the show, so best to not take any chances and sign up now for WRITING FOR COMICS LEVEL TWO and Ty Templeton’s COMIC BOOK BOOTCAMP PART ONE.) If you’re not able to get to the show, but need to get some comics, make sure you check out The Comic Book Lounge & Gallery in it’s permanent space (shared with TCW) at 587A College Street West. Our oldest son will be holding down the fort.

Been waiting for Calgary Expo to announce this–now, we can confirm that Ty will be attending, for the first time, the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. The show runs Friday April 27-Sunday April 29, and features an amazing list of guests.

Our buddies, Heroes of the North will be there as well, showing off all their books, posters, figurines and some of the actors! Artist Gibson Quarter (Holmes IncorporatedUndertow #2) has finished pencilling a new 8-Ball story for HoTN and will be there, too. (Ty just finished a script for HoTN, to be pencilled by Richard Pace. Like Ty, Richard divides his time between teaching and drawing comics. He’s an instructor at Durham College, and is currently hard at work on Ashes written by Alex de Campi. AND he just announced that he’s drawing a 3-part adaptation of a Robert E. Howard story for Dark Horse’s SAVAGE SWORD (#5-7), written by Ian Edginton.)

In June, Ty will be off to Austin, Texas…but that hasn’t been “officially” announced yet, so I’ll wait to put up all the info.

In August, it will be The Big One–the biggest comic convention in Canada, that is. Fan Expo Canada runs Thursday August 23-Sunday August 26 this year. It was wildly busy last year–slightly overwhelming by the last day, butgreat to spend time with so many other creators and to talk to so many fans.

Toronto Cartoonists Workshop and The Comic Book Lounge & Gallery will both be at the show as well. Heroes of the North will put in an appearance as well. Their second omnibus collection will be published by then. And the HoTN comic story drawn by David J. Cutler (artist for The Northern Guard) will be out by then as well.

Montreal Comiccon is the little comic book convention that didn’t so much grow as EXPLODE!! It was such an enormous, unexpected success that they’ve moved to a bigger location this year, Friday September 14-Sunday September 16. Ty and I really really enjoyed the show last year…had a very brief twenty minutes when we thought it was going to be quiet, when we first arrived at Ty’s table. That was the last twenty minutes of peace for the entire weekend! Got to meet Dan Parent, have dinner with Dan, Gibson Quarter and the Heroes of the North crew.

That is currently the extent of Ty’s convention schedule…

At the same time that all this fun is going on, and as Ty is busy working, he will be continuing to teach at Toronto Cartoonists Workshop.

WRITING FOR COMICS LEVEL TWO begins Monday March 12, 7-10pm. Completion of Level One is a requirement.  Wednesday March 14, Ty starts COMIC BOOK BOOTCAMP Part One 7-10pm.

Rob Walton will be teaching CREATING YOUR OWN GRAPHIC NOVEL starting Thursday March 15, and Walter Dickinson will be teaching CARTOONING RODEO for kids 8-12 years of age Saturday mornings April 14-June 16.



Just three days before we launch Holmes Incorporated out into an eager world.  Three days before FanExpo, and three days before all my soon-to-be-published and soon-to-be-big-shot friends see their hard work come to fruition.

Today’s this-can’t-really-be-their-first-published-work entry comes from Magnificent Madeleine Beaupré (script),  Ravishing Rachael Wells (pencils), and Popular Pierce Desrochers-O’Sullivan (inks).  Besides being another fabulous and fun story, I believe this entry has the advantage of being created by the three most wonderful creators’ names in the biz.  They all sound like stars, now they get to shine like ’em.

I know I’m biased, but I love that shot of Trey Holmes leaping for joy at the end of page one.

Going undercover at an all-girl’s school…?  Where do I volunteer?

To finish this pulse pounding tale of terrificness, show up at FanExpo and pick up your own amazingly inexpensive copy of HOLMES INCORPORATED No. #1, and prove you’re just that savvy.

Go HERE for yesterday’s Bobby Bomber pages.  Go HERE for the cover!  Here for more pages!  Here for even MORE pages! and HERE for more pages.   The TCW age of Comics has arrived, or at least it will in a mere three days.  Tomorrow, check back for even MORE exciting work from tomorrow’s superstars of comics.


Here now, your  comic book moment of zen

The Bobby Bomber Strikes!

It’s Monday.   Just a week to go before Canada’s answer to San Diego Comicon, a little sumthin’ we call FanExpo.  It’s just as much fun, but with more Bill Shatner, since he’s from here in the first place.   As mentioned a zillion times, we’re debuting the first issue of the brain-explodingly exciting new series HOLMES INCORPORATED at the convention, and I’ve been previewing the pages for the breathlessly awaiting world.

Today’s Holmes Inc. fix is brought to you by the never-before-published creative time of Rarin’-to-go Rob Oakman (script) Jazzy Jeff Rusland (pencils) and Joyful Jeff Longstreet (inks), along with so-hot-I-married-her K.T. Smith on letters.

Don’t you love it when stuff blows up on page one? Much better than starting the story in a restaurant, I always say…unless the restaurant blows up.

And this story ends up with an action sequence featuring the guy in the wheelchair that’s great fun.   Who says this isn’t the Octogenarian Age of Comics?

Go HERE for the cover!  Here for more pages!  Here for even MORE pages! and HERE for more pages.   This 52 page extravaganza of modern detective fun can be had by you for a mere $5.95 at the convention as a pre-release deal (can we truly be selling this comic for so little in these tough economic times?!?  Hell yeah, we’re giving your wallet a break and your brain a great time!)


Here now, your comic book moment of Zen

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MORE HOLMES INC. PAGES. (Imagine a big Michael Bay-like explosion right there and that’s how exciting this is)

Get out your heart medicine and keep it handy as you view these pages  – likely to burst your chest pumper with excitement!  In fact, keep a cardiologist on speed-dial as you check out the rich chocolatey goodness that is Holmes Incorporated.

Today’s sampling, fresh from the pile of pages which went off to the printer yesterday (late this morning?)…

Fingerless Prince, written by the Hellagood Heather Emme,  penciled and inked by the Amazing Adam Gorham, lettered by the  Cantakerous KT Smith, and enjoyed by humanity everywhere.

Okay. Two pages–that was the deal.  Any more and you’ll figure out the ending before the Holmes family does!

Come to FanExpo Canada next weekend to buy your very own issue from the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop before we sell out.   And while you’re there–all the creators will be doing signings over the weekend (I’ll be there Saturday, 2-4pm with Gibson Quarter), and you can breathe the rarefied air of artistic genius.

Now, I have no time to keep the avalanche of adjectives going so–go, go home!


Here now, your COMIC BOOK moment of zen.

UPDATE! According to my blog counter, there’s suddenly a thousand people showing up here, and I don’t want them to miss out on the earlier entries, cause THERE’S SO MUCH MORE HOLMES INC to see!

Go HERE for the cover!  Here for more pages!  Here for even MORE pages! and HERE for more pages.   This book is great to read, and fun to look at and I’m happy to be a part of the start of so many great careers in comics.  Check back on Monday for even MORE pages in this exciting new project, and don’t forget tomorrow, the GREATEST FIGHT IN HISTORY:  Hulk vs. Buddha.  (Go here to see JESUS vs. Superman!)

Holmes Incorporated Marches On!

…or would that be AUGUSTS on?  Wrong month, terrible pun.

The first issue is off to the printers today!  But the advance copies won’t be ready for sale until the FANEXPO convention at the end of the month, so I have plenty o’ time to show you lucky surfers of the info-wave what’s in store for the privileged few who will be in Toronto the last weekend of August.

AHHH! I expect a refund on my airline tickets.

The cover is by (yechh) Ty the Guy Templeton, often referred to as my wife’s best friend.  I wanted this to be the greatest cover of my career, but I think it turned out closer to the SEVENTH greatest cover of my career.  Considering I’ve done more than a hundred covers in the 25 years I’ve been at it, that’s all right with me.

Forgive me if the colours look too red, or too yellow, or too brown, I’m uploading this on a computer with a crappy monitor, and I have no idea what the final look will be for you at home –  your mileage may vary, void where prohibited.  It looks spiffy in the original file, so I get to breathe out and relax.

My favorite thing about this composition is where Edgar Holmes’ priorities lie…his sister and his father are on fire, plummeting to their deaths, and he’s trying to grab the magnifying glass…but when you’re a Holmes, that spy-eye glass is your icon and you gots to save the icons first.

More glorious Holmes pages tomorrow, this time by the already great, but soon to be world famous team of Heather Emme and and Adam Gorham.  Try not to fidget and worry too much until tomorrow, but it’ll be worth the wait!


Here now, your comic book moment of zen.

More Holmes Inc. Magnificence!

The shameless promotion of the new Holmes Inc comic continues.  I have no shame.  None whatsoever.  I often wander naked into a church and start belching loudly,  just to prove it can be done.   But for this project, I have no reason to be ashamed…this stuff is actually darn good, and here’s more proof.  Another sample of the kind of top flight stories you’re gonna get in this new series…this time, script by Roarin’ Rob Pincombe, pencils by Glorious Gibson Quarter with inks by the lovable schmuck who writes this blog.  Letters by the magnificent K.T. Smith (the only one of the three contributors I’ve ever showered with).

When you see comics this exciting, try not to drool on your motherboard, as it’s not good for the electronic bits under the keys.

Solved the case?  On page one….oh, I don’t think so.

Ah, the plot thicks…

If you’re in Toronto at the end of the months, show up at FANEXPO Canada and get your pre-release copy…as I imagine you CANNOT wait after seeing these pages online.  I know I can’t wait to see how it turns out, and I edited and inked the darn thing.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your comic book moment of zen:

Wanna be in comics?

In nine short days, it’s FanExpo Canada. Some of you will be heading out with portfolios in hand, or clutching a couple of scripts, or with a brain full of ideas you want to pitch. There are editors at the con, both DC Comics and Marvel Comics will have booths and the hall will be full of comic book professional whom you’re pretty sure would love to hear all your great ideas.

Ty’s up to his neck in deadlines, and getting ready for the con, as well, but luckily, someone else has oh-so-kindly published his advice for you to read. Before San Diego Comic Con, CB Cebulski wrote and tweeted his advice on submitting portfolios and getting editors to listen to your ideas. Given that CB Cebulski’s job at the time of writing all that advice was Talent Scout for Marvel, you have to figure that he knows what he’s talking about!

Here’s my advice:  read his column on professionalism first! And pay attention! He knows of what he speaks!

Tips & Tweets:  Professionalism

Tips & Tweets:  Advice for Artists, Part 1

Tips & Tweets:  Advice for Artists, Part 2

Tips & Tweets:  Advice for Writers, Part 1

Tips & Tweets:  Advice for Writers, Part 2

Tips & Tweets:  Breaking In

Tips & Tweets:  Art Advice

Various comic book creators and editors have also been known to give advice on Twitter…find a couple you’re interested in, and follow them to see what they say (Nathan Cosby of Marvel, had a lot to say recently).


(And here’s my vaguely maternal advice, from listening and overhearing a lot of ranting at cons:   Have a sense of who you are talking to. Know what their work is, who they work for–don’t ask someone whose work you don’t like.  Understand that most professionals like to “give back” to the fans, and like to be helpful.

And here’s my vaguely negative advice:  If you ask for advice, if you ask someone to look at your portfolio:  respect what they say to you! Comic creators and editors are not out to get you–they’re probably not out to get anyone. They’re not secretly jealous of how talented you are, nervous that you want their job, or unable to deal with what a revolutionary talent you are. If you don’t respect their answers/advice, you should not have asked them. Editors and creators are excited by new talent and new possibilities and most of them remember what it was like starting out and trying to get someone’s attention that first time.)


Yeah, yeah, San Diego Comic Con just finished and it was amazing, unbelievable, there were so many cool people blah blah blah. Time to move on! (Yes, we weren’t there…why do you ask?) Now, you have more or less a month to get yourself excited for FanExpo Canada. Canada’s biggest comic book convention will be running August 27-29 2010. Check their website for information on guests, panels, workshops, etc.

Ty will be at the show and will be doing at least one workshop, possibly two. When we get details, we’ll pass them on. As always, Ty will sign and sketch (for free) happily.  If you want to do any interviews with him while he’s at the show, arrange them in advance (email him at ty@templetons.com) or be prepared to put up with the chatter of the crowd. Ty is a big believer in the “the fans keep us working” philosophy, and likes to have this chance to “give back”. He’ll also have a book of art available for sale–probably just the stuff already up on the site.

And, as always, if you’re curious if Ty is turning up anywhere and I/we/he haven’t posted anything…check out Appearances on the All about Ty page (tab at top above the header…).


(Ty is on a Space:  The Imagination Station show sometime in the near future…it’s already shot, I’m just trying to find out details)