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I’m afraid I’m at Fan Expo all weekend, and in between the few moments I’m not sketching for the happy people, I’m sleeping or catching up with Batman 66.  So here’s a couple of convention themed Bun Toon from years past, because I love, and maybe a sketch or two from this weekend.

the ego goes kablooey websize


Ah…the memories I leave with people…


Claremont still hasn’t forgiven me for letting that bus slam into him.  He carries a weird grudge.

bingo card


Except for the Stilt-Wookie, I’ve Bingoed already at FanExpo!


Here’s a couple of convention sketches from this weekend so far…

red jla group


On the inside front cover of a Justice League hardcover from the 90s….I was asked to draw the entire roster from the years I was drawing the title.  That’s 14 characters….the problem is, drawing on the red paper is essentially impossible, because you cannot see the pencil lines…and I had to give up and basically start drawing the figures in white-out pen, just to see their outlines.  Like drawing blind…a fun challenge.

batmite denver colour

My wife bought a set of coloured markers for me before we left.  I usually do sketches in black and white, but this year it’s been fun to add a little colour!

I am groot fanexpo 14


It’s funny…last year, I didn’t draw so many Groot or Rocket Raccoon drawings…this year…the requests have gone up slightly.

Ty the Guy OUT of the HOUSE!


For last week's LADY themed Bun Toon, click here

For last week’s LADY themed Bun Toon, click here