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All New Feature Length Bun Toon! YAY!


Today is FanExpo Saturday, here in the Big Smoke (that’s local lingo for “Toronto”) and so the chance of me finding two magic minutes to rub together and create an all-new Bun Toon are impossible.  I’m already at the convention, signing issues of Batman 66, and sketching sketch covers of chibi Wolverine as you read this.  But fear not, loyal Bun Tooners, instead of handing you a re-run this year (as my lazy ass usually does when I’m at a comics convention), I’m giving you a never-before-seen story I recently drew for the latest issue of Holmes Incorporated.    At seven pages, it clocks in as the LONGEST Bun Toons in my fabled history, so take THAT, internet!  You can pick up the Holmes Incorporated comic book that features this (and many many more) stories by the skilled and talented Holmes Incorporated Bootcamp Bullpen at the convention at my booth!

Our fun and complex script is by Oliver Ho, and all you need to know going in is that the man in the wheelchair is named Edgar Holmes, and he’s Sherlock Holmes’ grandson, and the kid with the t-shirt is Artie, and he’s Edgar’s grand-nephew and they have adventures.








Later today, I’m co-hosting the Shuster Awards Ceremony (celebrating the best in Canadian comics creators) with my old friend, Rob Salem.  I’ll be sure to say something scandalous that will get me kicked out of the community’s good standing, so if you’re there, bring vegetables to throw.  The Bun Toons are nominated for a Shuster this year as Canada’s finest Web Comic, but after they saw the “Stick Figure Funnies” entry I did two weeks ago, I’m fairly sure they’ve taken my name off the nominating list, so you don’t even have to wish me luck.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Your Bonus Moment:  Because I’m still giving you a re-run.  Suck on that.

I wrote and drew this at a convention a couple of years ago where NO one attended, and I had the time to write and draw a three page story in my sketchbook while sitting there not talking to fans.    FanExpo is such a non-stop push of humanity that I doubt I’ll have those spare moments today, but you may enjoy my ill-spent time from 2011.


To read the Greatest Moments of My Life Bun Toons, click the greatest link on the internet.

To read the Greatest Moments of My Life Bun Toons, click the greatest link on the internet.

For the increasingly not-updated Bun Toons Archive (But it does go back YEARS!) click the Singing Pastry

For the increasingly not-updated Bun Toons Archive (But it does go back YEARS!) click the Singing Pastry

Bun Toons FanExpo Re-Runs! What?

You can’t blame me, I’m not even here.

Every year, around this time, I’m a guest at Toronto’s HUGE FanExpo Comic Convention.  It takes up four days this time around, and it’s simply not possible for me to do a timely Bun Toon on Saturday Morning, because I’m already out of the house and at the convention by the time you’ve read this.   Were it not for the con, I’d be doing something about Lance Armstrong, or Mitt Romney, or perhaps making fun of Moonstone Comics.

But even when there’s a will, sometimes there is absolutely no way, and so, dear Bun Tooners, I’m afraid it’s time for the annual PARADE OF CONVENTION RE-RUNS.

At least it’s not the same set of re-runs as last year.  In a way, that’s all-new re-runs.  So yay, for that.


At the convention yesterday, I had someone come up to me and say, VERBATIM, what the Kevin Fan said to me in this strip.  The fellow was trying to amuse me by Cosplaying the Kevin Fan, but I have to admit, I didn’t know he was referencing this strip (which is two years old at this point), and I thought it was happening all over again.  When I said “you’re not the first person to compare me to Kevin Maguire, and thanks for punching my ego gonads”.  Then he told me he was re-enacting this strip, and all was well.

For a couple of minutes there, I was going to sob like a school-girl, though.


Here’s a convention memory BUN TOON from JUST a few weeks ago.  If you’ve already read it, you may skip down to the BONUS moment and be done with me. If not, it features Jack “KING” Kirby, and is a fun memory for me.


If you’re in Toronto, come on down to the FanExpo and say “hi” to me and the missus.  We’d love to see you, and I’ll draw you a Bun Toon fresh right in front of you…but it won’t make it to the internet without a scanner and a computer.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Re-Run Convention Moment:

This story took place after a store appearance with Jean (Moebius) Giraud, in Toronto.  That’s like a convention, only with less security guards telling you that you can’t get back to your car that way.

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True Life Urinal Bun Toons! YAY!

I've earned your trust with family entertainment, and now I'm pissing it all away!

It’s still a hectic, busy weekend at FanExpo, Canada’s largest Comic Convention- and that means I haven’t the time to colour this episode of Bun Toons.  But trust me, you don’t want to see it in colour in the first place.  It’s unpleasant enough as it is.

Okay, I lied.  If I’d coloured it, it would have given away the punch line, but wasn’t it more fun to be lied to?

I’m at the convention as you’re reading this, so I’ll see you after you’re done.  Get on down here and join the fun.  And BTW:  I DID get to meet Martin Landau (my secret father) yesterday, and had a very pleasant conversation with him.  Far more pleasant than the one my wife and I had with Robert Englund (Freddie Kruger).  More on that later…

Ty the Guy OUT!


Go ahead.  Urinate next to this guy, and DON’T look over.  I dare you.  And to answer all your horrible questions…it wasn’t all red, but it did look circumcised, which I wasn’t expecting from the Skull.


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