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Bun Toons Fans part THREE

Again with the Saturday?  All right, time/space, you win again.

Just in case you forgot about me, I'll give you a reason to...

-For the first two parts of this unforgivable screed –

Go HERE for part 1

Go HERE for part 2

PS:  I’ve been VERY bad about blogging last week…mostly because I had actual comic work to do that had looming deadlines.  I loves me the blog, but I needs me the job.  I hope you guys understand.  But this week, I have a bunch of stuff lined up, and I’m not lying THIS time, baby.  It’s all gonna be different from now on…


Here now, your comic book moment of zen:

Bun Toons and Fans! Like PB and J!

Is it Saturday again?  Damn this calendar and its relentless march!

(Or is it September?)

I am bunny, hear me roar - In numbers too big to ignore.

I can only be a nice guy for SO LONG before I snap.  It’s what bunnies are like.

(CLICK HERE for the comic strip about the big bad mean man who made me cry.)

That’s it for today…see you here tomorrow for the best Convention Sketch I’ve done, like EVER.   It’s a commission I did at home, and I actually like it…that never happens.


Here now, your comic book moment of zen.