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Martian Bun Toons! YAY!

One of these days, Alice. Bang, Zoom! To Barsoom!

Sorry I haven’t been posting much these last weeks.  Blame the day job (working on some Spider-Man), but I’ll never miss a Bun Toon Day, unless I’m too sick to hold a pencil.

Today, we examine the weird world that is my life.  Every word of today’s comic is completely true.

It’s not just about the lack of clothing, by the way.  I’ve been a ERB Martian fan since I was a kid.  I’ve had a Tars Tarkas figure looking down over my drawing table for decades, and went out as John Carter for Hallowe’en when I was 18.

And just so there’s no odd questions lingering out there, I never had a crush on my Mother-In-Law, but she is a heck of wonderful person, and she did raise some amazing kids, one of whom I married.  I currently have a crush on my wife.

I’m begging you, Disney.  DON’T SCREW UP THIS MOVIE!

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS moments.  I wouldn’t want to deprive you of a little Dejah Thoris art…

Art by Murphy Anderson. It made me realize I DIDN'T have a crush on Gwen Stacy after all. (I thought I did until I read this comic).

And here’s the November painting by Frank Frazetta…one of a number of paintings he did of John Carter and his world.

Dig that wounded Thark, my friends.

I encourage you guys to seek out the OTHER Barsoomian paintings by Frank Frazetta.  There isn’t one that isn’t mind bogglingly gorgeous.  That one up there isn’t even my favourite Frank/Martian painting, but it’s the first one I saw.


Keiren here, altering the ‘sacred text’–just spotted that Ty Templeton’s BUN TOONS has just been added to ComicMix’s Webcomics March Madness 2012 Nominations! If you’re enjoy Bun Toons, click through and vote! (I think he’s the bottom of the Nominations list).


For last week's Bun Toon featuring Archie and Betty, click the bunny above.

For every Bun Toon ever, click THIS bunny above.

Frazetta vs. Al Gore, from beyond the grave! Batman vs. Talk Show Hosts!

Should Chief Dubbins be embarrassed about that?

I’m certain this is an amusing co-incidence, but a friend of mine (Paul Truster) showed me this reproduction of a Johnny Comet daily strip from 1952, featuring the fantastic art of Frank Frazetta, and a four panel besmirching of Al Gore’s good name.

Sex scandal follows Al Gore wherever he goes...check out the Blue Garter Club!

In 1952, the Al Gore you and I know about, was barely four years old.  His days of rooming with Tommy Lee Jones, inspiring the novel LOVE STORY losing the election for President to an activist/ corrupt court, and winning academy awards and Nobel Prizes was far in his future.  But his father AL GORE SR. was a senator from Tennessee at the time, having spent decades as a well known congressman for the same state, and being an outspoken critic of segregation for years, he was known on a national stage.   It’s POSSIBLE this was an amusing nod to a senator Frank liked…or it could be a co-incidence.

Either way, it seems that the name AL GORE and SEX SCANDAL were linked together as far back as ’52.    Tipper may have gotten out just in time!

Of note, Al Gore wasn’t the only future celebrity menacing the heroes of comics back in the late Golden AgeDavid Letterman and Batman had a puzzling animosity for each other in the late Forties that has never been explained.

At some point Dave gave up pipes for cigars, breaking the speed limit, and allowing stalkers into his home.

I believe Miley Cyrus was originally a recurring villain in Marvel’s Sub-Mariner comic, as well.  Let me look up the issues and get back to you.


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