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Just a lightning quick post today…

I just finished a pinup I was asked to do for the exciting Heroes of the North web series featuring back-bacon eating superheroes in the frozen lands of maple syrup, French Inuit casinos, year round hockey and free health care.   This is of Pacifica…a speedster  like the Flash (only with a rounder bum, and says “eh” when she talks, unless she’s French, then she says things Americans can’t understand, so you don’t need to know).

Check out their way-cool website, Heroes of the North (which has a fun trailer to watch, I dare you not to be entertained!), and their frankly fabulous  Facebook page, which includes many of their other swinging superheroes!  MON DIEU!

Ain’t photoshop blur tool grand?  I haven’t been this proud of myself since I skull clubbed a G-20 rioter yesterday.

And while you’re here, scroll a bit down this page for the Saturday Comics, I’m fairly proud of this week’s entry, as well.

Ty Le Guy

Clearly proud to a fault.

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