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Again with the Speeches Bun Toons?!?

Last one, I promise

Is that a rainbow?

It’s been quite an active couple of weeks for our judicial neighbours to the south.

websize divide and distract

Don’t worry.  Something will come along and beat the cynical back into me…but for now, I’m grinning and layin’ back and enjoying the day.

All during Pride Week in Toronto.

Ty the Guy OUT!


Let’s hope we’ve seen the last of THESE kinds of comics…

00 super fascist

fascist superman 2

Sure, he made the super-trains run on time…but at what super-cost?


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For last week’s equally cloying left week lecture, click here.

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For the Bun Toon archive, featuring many that are intentionally amusing, click here.

Bun Toon #3 for 2013! YAY!

top five 2013 logo 3



We’re into the medal rounds now, former babies!  Bronze for EVERYONE!

Towards the middle of the summer, there was a bit of a kerfuffle about whether or not DC Comics wanted to let Batwoman get married.  The writers wanted her to, the editors didn’t…and when you add to the mix that Batmwoman was all lady-gay, and planning to marry a lady-gay Gotham City Cop, the story got all controversial-like.

Since DC Comics didn’t plan to publish the wedding issue… I had to step in.


Apparently, there was some kerfuffle about Ben Affleck as well.  Who can keep track of the internet’s Bat-Kerfuffles?  At least I’m here to solve everyone’s problems, and that’s what magical bunnies are for.


Our third LEAST popular Bun Toon was one I ran just a couple of weeks ago.  Ignore it again, I dare you!

north pole babylon websize


If you’re keeping score, that’s the SECOND time a holiday themed Bun Toon has spiked the big enchilada in the last twelve months. (Easter didn’t work either.)  Failure used to be restricted to the continuing story of The Contessa Von Shoenfeld, or True Dentistry Stories, but this year, I couldn’t scare up an audience on the vacation days.    Perhaps family truly IS more important than snarky interenet rabbits.


Since this finishing-nearly-last X-Mas Bun Toon was a re-run from JUST last week for Buddha’s sake, I’m re-running my personal favorite BUN TOON from the Summer, simply because it’s my fave, and it  didn’t make the top five (just barely).  So I get to do it again in this year end retrospective because…well.



Mike emailed me a couple of days after this ran to thank me for “saving his life”, even if it ruined his big finish.

See you tomorrow for the ALMOST most popular Bun Toon and the REALLY NOT VERY popular Bun Toons at….NUMBER TWO!!

Ty the Guy OUT! 


Bun Toons Appreciation Day! Cluck! Cluck! Cluck!

Are you calling me a chicken?  You better not be.

Bun Toons is always on the forefront of today’s news stories.  We’re equal parts bunny cartoon and hard hitting, investigative news reporting.  Today, our roving reporters take you behind the scenes and put YOU in the middle of the headlines, as we present to you….

Click the image to make it larger if it`s hard to read…

Here’s the sad part.  I actually agree, to some extent, with the protesters.  As soon as those mayors in Chicago and San Francisco started telling this company what cities they were and were not welcome in, it CLEARLY became a free speech issue that needed a protest.  How DARE those mayors believe they had the right to dictate political and first amendment rules to Chick-Fil-A because they disagreed with their opinion on something.  Shameful.

But let’s not kid ourselves, the protesters who showed up, were all about the hating of “teh gay”.

So screw them.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Chicken Comic Book Moment:

From “FOXHOLE” Comics.  I’m told there are no atheists in foxholes, or chickens either.

Learn the life of the shredded and tortured creature that makes it into your sandwich, now in comic book form.


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