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Why Cartoons are the ultimate communicators

I’m fairly sure we’ve all seen the horror in Arizona played out on our TVs these last few days.  Once the facts are exhausted, the cable morons have nothing to fill time with, so they blather about blame, motivation, speculation and whatever pops into their heads.  Don’t watch it, it won’t help you understand anything.

But if you’d like to see the last 48 hours of pundit shouting explained,  check out the following-

I don’t often agree with Glenn McCoy politically, but I can’t fault a single pixel of this image.  He’s summed up hours and hours of shouting and nonsense from BOTH sides of the political spectrum, into one easily digested image, and TA-DAA, you don’t have to watch CNN and FOX anymore.  Can ANY art form do that as well as a cartoon?

Like newspaper comic strips, the political cartoon is a dying art.  Sigh…but while it’s still out there, I’m still going to treat it like an object of precious gold when it’s done right.

The image was found at gocomics.com (specifically at Glenn’s page here).

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Sarah Palin Comic book moment:

This is one of MANY Sarah Palin comic book covers.  This woman has more titles than Wolverine lately.