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Unsolicited Advice Bun Toons! YAY!

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Hey.  You.  You’re living your life wrong, trust me.

Okay–the world can be an awful place.

The American President is a loon, there’s danger around every corner, and Gord Downie passed away this week, sending all of Canada into a collective tailspin.

But I have the solution.

half and half

Ever since I was a kid, I always figured– “…so long as you’ve got a glass, you’ve got a seat at the table…who cares how much you have left?  The glass is less than full because you drank some already–go drink the rest while you’re still here.”

Once the glass is gone, then you can complain.

Until then…


Ty the Guy OUT!

half spidey

Some see my copy of Amazing Spider-Man #14 as torn in half.

I see TWO copies of Amazing Spider-Man #14 that are both half-there. I’m thinking of doing this to ALL my comics…

link to last one

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