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When Good Men Do Nothing Bun Toons!

BLOOD bunny logo

Good bunnies know enough to stay out of it.

We return you now to Pleasant City, where crime never gets a chance to run rampant because of the constant patrols of one Good Man…


Thank god I was here to sum up American politics for you.   This is why CNN is slipping in the ratings.

Ty the Guy

I just riffed the name “Dyno-Lady” while I was writing the above toon, and almost instantly recalled that there’s a genuine  super-hero with NEARLY that name…


This was an old Sid & Marty Krofft produced “Saturday Morning” TV series when I was young.   When trying to find a cover for an issue featuring these protectors of goodness, I discovered they don’t HAVE a comic series.

tv series cover

A TV series?  Sure.  But the MAN is keeping them out of the comics biz, for some reason. That’s another thing Hillary will make better.  Besides saving the planet from a racist orange monster, I mean…


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There’s just a couple of days before the next set of classes start.  If you’re in the TORONTO area and are interested in learning to write and draw comics, click here.

Bun Toons Countdown YAY!

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Good lord, are we ending another year again?  I keep insisting we only do this once every decade or so, but something was said about calendars being important to the economy, and I, as a gentleman, deferred.

So, to honour tradition, we re-present our best and worst of the year – starting with those FIVE Bun Toons that soared above all others in popularity, touching the hearts of the internet across the globe… and including the five LEAST popular Bun Toons – the ones that no one clicked on or read, and even my mother disdainfully shat on.   I feel as an artist, I must air my dirty laundry or else how annoying could I really be?

Our fifth most popular Bun Toon is no surprise, as it features Comicdom’s most popular character in his most popular story, written at the top of my game.

BEST BATMAN EVERWhat I especially love is that the Robin that was most recently dead when I wrote this, IS in fact, alive again at this point.  My powers of prognostication are strong!


Let us turn now to failure.

Perhaps I’ve loved Good-Man more than he deserves, as I keep doing more and more Good-Man comics over the years.  I think we’re up to episode forty-eight with this character and we get nothing but hate mail when I publish each instalment – shocking, vitriolic stuff that makes Gamergate look like a valentine card…but I don’t care, I shall never give up on the character.  Good-Man represents all that is good and honest and true in this world, and they really don’t take me very long to draw.

GOODMAN websize

See, and here I am, making you read another one.


goodman on patrol

I’m such a bully.

TOON in tomorrow, when I reveal the 4th most and least popular Toons of the year, and possibly say something amusing whilst presenting them to you.  ‘Tis my nature.

Ty the Guy OUT!


Also a tradition around here, we wish a happy birthday to STAN THE MAN LEE, co-creator of the Marvel Universe, and father of Bruce Lee, the famous kung fu movie star.

He’s 92 this year (Stan, not Bruce), and can still beat me at full contact kick boxing, though we haven’t gotten in the ring together since July, so I might be able to take him by now.

Happy Happy Stan Day.

stan_lee_action_figureStan Lee’s kickboxing action figure.  It’s rare to find them “mint in box”, as they usually punch they own way out.

Simple and Easy Bun Toons! YAY!

I don't want to hurt anyone's brain...

I don’t want to hurt anyone’s brain…

GOODMAN websize

Based on a true story.

Ty the Guy OUT!

BONUS:  The not-at-all-secret origin of GOOD-MAN, written and drawn by a common street thief, down on his luck.goodman two web size colour


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For the Bun Toon archive, which contains more than a few Good-Man Adventures, click here.

Real Quick Bun Toons! YAY!

I'm late...I'm late...for a very deadline date...

I’m late…I’m late…for a very important date…

Whoops!  My new Batman series is on the stands, which means I haven’t got time to mess around!  I owe the office another issue yesterday.

But there’s always a speedy Bun Toon.


goodman on patrol

Buildings and other people take time.  Who has the spare minutes?

Ty the Guy OUT!


In other news...

In other news…

It’s been 75 years since Mr. Finger and Mr. Kane first created the Bat-Man in Detective Comics #27.  To celebrate that event, DC Comics is releasing a special commemorative edition with a reprint of that first story and a new story by some current creators…

qq6xqrscc29pqhiu6przThat in itself, is not that big a deal.  They do that every couple of years with their flagship characters…

But this time, something NEW happened.

Bill Finger got a cover credit for writing that story.  That’s never happened before.

Score one for Bill.

Thanks DC.

Is that the hint of a smile, Bill?

Is that the hint of a smile, Bill?


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For the previous real quick Good-Man adventure, click here

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the bun toon archive is one click away

the bun toon archive is one click away

Real Quick Bun Toons! YAY!

Stop reading this!  We don't have time for trivialities.

Stop reading this opening caption! We don’t have the TIME!.

It’s another one of THOSE Saturday mornings where my wife spent the night with my mother in the emergency room, my cat’s back is basically made of hamburger, my DC project is screaming at me with a major deadline, my Quantum and Woody page is due in twenty minutes, I’ve cancelled a convention appearance, and I still have yet to put out editorial notes on the latest Holmes Inc, which I should have done yesterday.

That means that I don’t have even eight seconds to do this morning’s Bun Toon.  I don’t have eight seconds to be typing this intro.

So I did the Bun Toon in SEVEN seconds.

I might have rushed the colour a bit.

goodman 4 websizeTo be fair, I plagiarized this plot from every issue of Daredevil that Stan Lee wrote.  Steal from the best, right?


Your Bonus Good Man Adventure!  The ORIGIN STORY from 2011!  And yes, I know his girlfriend has a different name, I’m not giving out No-Prizes, so I don’t care.

issue two web size colour

An epic, novel-length adventure for FREE!  Who says this isn’t the Bun Toons era of comics?  Seriously, who says that… I have to change minds.  Point them out to me, goddammit!


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Occupy Bun Toons. YAY!

Just like an aeroplane bathroom, we're OCCUPIED.

Hurry!  I’ve not a moment to spare.  Today’s bun toon has to be real quick!  That’s the speed of politics, people.

Today is occupy day all over the world.  The revolution is being televised, and it needs a pizza if you can spare the ten bucks.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Bonus Comic Book Protest Moment:

I love that Jimmy feels that you can't protest without a beard and a pendant. Art by the great Neal Adams.


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The SECRET ORIGIN of GOOD-MAN! Real Quick Comics!

If it’s Saturday, I must continue to sell my soul to this blog!

For the internet, it is my master.

There’s so little time this weekend, I’m still working away at my latest issue of Bongo Comics “the Simpsons”, as well as catching up from some other things I’ll happily show you when editors allow me to. (Cool Marvel and Cool Mad Magazine things is all I can say…).

And now, since one or two people actually demanded it:  The return of Good-Man!

That story took almost twenty minutes.  I promise I won’t spend so much time on the next one!

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Real Quick Comic Book moment of zen: