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Sunday Funnies Bun Toons! YAY!


I think it’s Super-bowl Sunday….?

So let’s get this out of the way:


Okay.  Awareness of the big game has been acknowledged.  Go Fightin’ Yanks, or Walruses, or whatever mascots are involved.

While the rest of the culture is focused on the sport-ball, they might be missing this huge announcement:

future site

I mean, who isn’t enjoying all these DC “location” shows about places WITHOUT their iconic citizens?  After F.S.0.T.F.0.S. debuts, I’m waiting for “Light Breakfast:  The story of a B&B in a lighthouse, run by Aquaman’s father before he meets his mom.”

Or BATCAVE: 1812.  A cavern’s place in a forgotten war.


Ty the Guy OUT!

There have long been comic books that played this game, by the way…


To be fair, Superman was on the cover, and in a framing sequence in this one.


He was just on the cover of this one–nowhere to be found inside.


Supes didn’t even make the cover of this series, which followed the stories of Luthor and Perry White as younger men.  The new WB series is supposedly about Lois Lane and Luthor solving mysteries together….so SORT OF like this comic, only not really.


The original “Gotham” comic book….without the homicidal, overacting Penguin.


Heck….they even DID a Fortress of Solitude comic book in the 80s.



KRYPTON:  Coming soon to SyFy Channel this month.

No Kal-el.  No Jor-el.  No Lara.  Probably no Beppo.

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Gotham City Bun Toons! YAY!

Right after this cheerful logo, things get dark and gritty...

Right after this cheerful logo, things get dark and gritty…

I’ve been watching the new GOTHAM television series since the first episode, and I’m a confirmed fan.  I’m hard to please with Batman filmed stuff, so if I’m on board, they’re doing something right.

There are those who are missing the point of the series, though….and after a half dozen episodes, I feel I’m enough of an expert that I can explain to one and all…

gotham websize

Haters gonna hate.

The rest of us are having a ball.


Hey!  The fine folks at Marvel released my page from all-new, all-exciting Big Marvel Event SPIDER-VERSE a little early, so I can show it off here!  I got to draw one of the most ICONIC versions of Spidey in history!  click on the image to make it larger!

spiderverse golden cake colour


That’s right!  I got to KILL OFF THE TWINKIE-VERSE Spider-Man!  Talk about notching one in the career belt.


For last week's Bun Toon, touching and personal as it is...click here.

For last week’s Bun Toon, touching and personal as it is…click here.

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For the Bun Toons archives, click here