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Batman Day!

So Saturday September 26 2015 is Batman Day! I’ve been invited to spend the day at One Million Comix in downtown Toronto. My current plan is to be at the store roughly 12 – 5pm.

catwoman batgirl ty templeton

I’ll be signing books (bring your own or buy some at the store), and doing sketches. As it’s a limited period of time, obviously there’s a limit to how many sketches I’ll be able to do…so if anyone knows in advance that they’d like to get a sketchcover, you can send me an email at tybunny@gmail.com. Single figures are $60, two figures are $90, markers and copics.

batgirl and catwoman kitt ty templeton

All covers will be available for pick-up ONLY at the comic store (531 Yonge Street, Toronto) on the day of the event. Payment can be in cash at the convention or you can PayPal me before pickup.

harley joker pie ty templeton

If you’re interested, send me an email at tybunny@gmail.com and tell me which blank, and what you’re looking for. I’ll confirm with you before I start anything.

I have these blanks available for use at this time:

Batman 66 #23

Batgirl #38

Superman #32

A-Force Secret Wars #001

Wolverine #310

Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #001

Wonder Woman #19

Wonder Woman #36

Justice League #16

Booster and Cornelius ty Templeton Chicago 2015

Ty the Guy OUT!

Ty cannot come to the Bun Toon today

Sorry folks, we‘re at Wizard World Chicago this weekend so Ty has no time to Bun Toon. See ya back here next week.

Here are a few of the pre-con commissions Ty brought with him:

Harley shoots ty templetoncatwoman batgirl ty templeton

yoda ty templeton

harley joker pie ty templeton



Bun Toons Writes Itself! YAY!

Ya can't write this stuff....or at least I can't.

Ya can’t write this stuff….or at least I can’t.

Oh, internet.  Are ye always going to be this way?  Sigh…

comedy writes itself websizeI tried, and tried and tried to put a funny “spin” on this event, but nothing was funnier than the event itself.  I’m not sure who pushed the first domino to get this over-reaction going (I think it was Jezebel.com, but I could be wrong), but whoever they were, they gave internet journalism a bad name.  And yes, I know exactly what I’m saying with every word in that sentence.

And now, please let loose with the barrage of comments telling me I’m wrong and how as a man, I can’t understand any of this….before I tell you how much of this bun toon was actually written by my wife.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Your bonus moment comes from a completely non-controversial moment from a Harley Quinn comic.  I think it even won an award or something.

it felt like a kiss

….because complex abusive relationships are art, but naked shoulders are pornography.


Click here for LAST WEEK'S controversial DC Comics moment...all fixed by the Bun Toon.

Click here for LAST WEEK’S controversial DC Comics moment…all fixed by the Bun Toon.

Click here for the COMPLETELY UPDATED Bun Toons archive

Click here for the COMPLETELY UPDATED Bun Toons archive

Sketch Cover Commissions!

Chibi Wolverine

Ty has been asked a few times about doing commissions, and generally says no. But after posting some of the sketch covers he’s done recently, he was asked if he’d make it possible for out-of-town fans to get one…  As he was giving it some thought, he got to do a bunch for a one-day Toronto comic convention and enjoyed it enough that he decided–yes. Yes, he will!

L'il Spidey and L'il JJ

Okay, this is NOT a sketch cover. But it could have been!

Email Ty at tybunny AT gmail DOT com, if you would like a sketch cover. Please list your name, mailing address, and which blank sketch cover you would like. We have access to Batman, Deadpool, Thor, Uncanny Avengers, All New Xmen, and Fantastic Four (to the best of my knowledge). You can request characters, situation, etc. and Ty will let you know if he’s able to accommodate you.

**NEW**–I’ve checked and we also have access to The Hulk, Daredevil, The Defenders, Scarlet Spider, and Wolverine blank sketch covers.

Joker with a gun

Covers will be done in pencil, ink, archival quality markers, Prismacolours…more or less whatever Ty has to hand. They’ll be black and white, with some greytones and occasionally with red marker/ink.

The New Harley Costume.  As much as I love this character, I don't love the new costume, but what's more fun than a thirty pound whoopie cushion?  (I had reference for this costume, provided by the fan.  I'm not THAT good at working from memory).

A familiar idea that a fan asked me to reproduce for him.  Yes, it's flipped over...again that was a request.  I haven't drawn a Dark Claw cover yet that's not based on an existing cover, since the official cover was taken from a B:TAS promotional poster.

Ty is charging $45/Cdn for these covers (that will include the cost of the book which we purchase from our LCS). That’s for a maximum of two characters–if you ask for something complicated or with lots of characters, he may quote you a higher price. Ask for a quote for a full cover wrap.

grapple bats

Shipping will be  $4/Cdn shipping and handling to addresses in Canada; $5/Cdn shipping and handling to addresses in the USA.  (Anywhere else, email and we’ll figure it out and get back to you!) When Ty has confirmed with you that he’ll do the sketch cover, we’ll send you a PayPal Invoice. Books will be shipped in a comic bag between two backing boards, in a bubble-wrap envelope.

**NEW**  (AND…if you want to have your cover submitted to CGC, we actually have the ability to do that through a recognised representative. Let us know when you email, please. We would find out through the rep what extra costs and time that would add on to the commission)


<—completely accurate

portrait of me by Ty.

Delayed Bun Toons! Boo!

If anyone asks, I’m not here.

There is a Bun Toon coming, I’ve read it, and it’s officially funny.

But circumstances beyond my control are delaying my getting it to you.  My schedule, my family travelling for the long weekend, and let’s just say “caprice” have all conspired to delay the Bun Toon.

In the meantime, I present to you, a bunch of sketch covers I did for the Montreal Comicon a couple of weekends back.   I got scans and some of them don’t suck.

Don’t say I don’t give ya nothing, internet family.  Bun Toons return tomorrow!

Got asked to draw a Clayface cover. I’m not sure I ever drew Clayface in the series, and didn’t have a reference in front of me, so it was Clayface from memory. That’s the great thing about him, he can look like ANYTHING and it counts.

The New Harley Costume. As much as I love this character, I don’t love the new costume, but what’s more fun than a thirty pound whoopie cushion? (I had reference for this costume, provided by the fan. I’m not THAT good at working from memory).

This is the sequel to a con sketch I did last year (Death Fish I). That’s a first for me, as I didn’t think sketch covers ever got sequels.


A familiar idea that a fan asked me to reproduce for him. Yes, it’s flipped over…again that was a request. I haven’t drawn a Dark Claw cover yet that’s not based on an existing cover, since the official cover was taken from a B:TAS promotional poster.

There’s a bunch more of these sketch covers, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with dazzle all at once.  I might upload a bunch more later this week…

Ty the Guy OUT!

And now, your BONUS blank cover sketch:  I told you there were more of them.

I promise, that’s Montreal in the background.


Ty Templeton – Ace of Cakes!

Bakers are a cowardly, superstitious lot...

With a wife, four children and a daughter-in-law, we end up with a few birthdays around my household, and birthdays mean cakes.  We just had my son’s 15th a few days ago, and here’s the cake he received for the day.

Vault Boy Cake

My daughter-in-law Jessica is a professional baker, and is good at this uber-cake kung fu stuff, so this was her creation for my son’s day.  I thought it was a portrait of birthday boy Taylor (who looks a bit like this cartoon) but I was told it was “Vault Boy”, beloved mascot for players of the game FALLOUT.   Taylor was so happy with the cake, he almost refused to cut into it and eat.

Jessica’s done this sort of thing before.

More of an edible sculpture than a cake at that point, but WOW, is that cool looking or what?  If only it was filled with “Harley Pudding”, but I think it was filled with cake.

For a previous Taylor birthday, we got a Transformer:

I’m not that up on my Transformer heroes, so I’ll assume that’s Shia LeBoeuf up there.  Or Moistamus Prime.

Of course, we’re never too far from a Batman Cake.  Jessica strikes again:

These things are little baked works of art, and the family is often reluctant to cut into these masterpieces.  Naturally, I always start out by slicing out the cake’s eyes and shouting “STOP STARING AT ME!!”  That usually calms everyone down.

The cake that started this blog entry, (up top, the Batman #1 cover) was done by a friend, Barb, for my birthday a few years back.  These art-cakes are  becoming ubiquitous…but they never last long.

Holy Bloated Feeling of Fullness, Batman!

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Comic Book Cake Moment of the Day:

This cake wasn’t by a daughter-in-law or a friend, and I didn’t get to eat any of it…but it’s based on a panel from a Booster Gold comic drawn by Dan Jurgens and inked by me!  The baker was Annette Price, and you can see more of her creations here.  I was just tickled cake-frosting-pink to see a cake based on some artwork I worked on.

Harley says, “It Gets Better”

For years, I used to write the Batman Adventures comic books, and while I was there, I got to be quite friendly with one of the characters, Harley Quinn

Many of you might know that Harley has morphed into a more-or-less real person in the body of an Australian woman named Elise Archer.  Elise is without a doubt, the cos-play Harley that all others are measured against, and has traveled the world bringing joy and happiness in the guise of a sociopathic super-villain with a heart of gold.

As Elise became Harley, Harley became Elise. A couple of panels from Gotham Adventures #10

Well, recently Harley made a video for the “It Gets Better” project.  For a fictional character, she’s delightfully real in this vid, and it’s worth going and checking it out, if not just for the fun of seeing Harl walking around in the real world, but for the message of acceptance contained within.   ‘Specially for folks from the land down under….

Elise channeling Harley, or Harley inhabiting Elise. I'm never sure...

Go.  Watch. Feel good that the world is getting better….

And on another personal note, my friend Heather, who is a fabulously talented writer and all-around super person (just not a super-villain) has made an “It Gets Better” message herself, also very much worth watching.  There are no references to insane clowns in Heather’s vid, but it’s equally inspiring.

Go HERE for Heather’s video.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your comic book moment of zen: