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Harley says, “It Gets Better”

For years, I used to write the Batman Adventures comic books, and while I was there, I got to be quite friendly with one of the characters, Harley Quinn

Many of you might know that Harley has morphed into a more-or-less real person in the body of an Australian woman named Elise Archer.  Elise is without a doubt, the cos-play Harley that all others are measured against, and has traveled the world bringing joy and happiness in the guise of a sociopathic super-villain with a heart of gold.

As Elise became Harley, Harley became Elise. A couple of panels from Gotham Adventures #10

Well, recently Harley made a video for the “It Gets Better” project.  For a fictional character, she’s delightfully real in this vid, and it’s worth going and checking it out, if not just for the fun of seeing Harl walking around in the real world, but for the message of acceptance contained within.   ‘Specially for folks from the land down under….

Elise channeling Harley, or Harley inhabiting Elise. I'm never sure...

Go.  Watch. Feel good that the world is getting better….

And on another personal note, my friend Heather, who is a fabulously talented writer and all-around super person (just not a super-villain) has made an “It Gets Better” message herself, also very much worth watching.  There are no references to insane clowns in Heather’s vid, but it’s equally inspiring.

Go HERE for Heather’s video.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your comic book moment of zen:

Animated Harley and Ivy, sort of…

I know I should wait for Christmas, but I only just saw this today.  My friend Elise Archer (Harley Cosplayer Supreme) tweeted, or posted, or did whatevah one does with animated gifs, so I repost it here…with a thanks.

It’s the cover for a Christmas catalog I drew from about ten years ago.  (The only time I’ve ever actually drawn Harley Quinn for any publication, oddly enough) But it’s been animated much more recently than that.

Fun, what shows up online.

Ty the Guy

(Ty’s memory is shot–all the LDS he did in the 60s-he’s drawn Harley a couple of times.  But this was the first!–kts)

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Harley Quinn

Not a comic page or a cover…but a cake!  This Little Harley Quinn was made by our daughter-in-law, Jessica Costley for a Cake Competition at George Brown College.