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Fan Appreciation Event

So just a few more days until Toronto ComiCon Fan Appreciation Event. Yes, it’s not that long after that last con, but this one promises so much more! More comic book artists, more special guests,  more exhibitors…and there are workshops too. Ty will be doing a one hour “taste” of his TCW workshop, Drawing the Human Figure from Memory, (the actual seven week worskhop begins May 2–check TCW’s website for more info and to contact Sean Menard to register).  That will be Saturday April 9 at 3:00pm.

The next day will feature a workshop with Leonard Kirk, based on his TCW course, Comic Book Pencilling and Inking (the full course starts May 5).

Artists will be doing sketches, selling pages, and telling stories…and we’re not yet sure what will happen exactly but the Joe Shuster Awards‘ Kevin Boyd is contemplating the future of his Rob Granito hockey jersey. Boyd says he was given it a couple years ago and given the events of the last few weeks, does not wish to hang on to it. He is entertaining suggestions as to it’s possible end/demise and finding a way to use that demise to raise funds for charity. While Japan would clearly seem the obvious choice to many, especially as Toronto comic creators plan a fundraiser for Japan, it has been suggested by others, Ty amongst them, that The Hero Initiative would also be a good choice. As Ty commented (on Boyd’s FB wall), “I’d say Hero Initiative so Rob can contribute to the Comics Industry instead of stealing from it.” (He also said a lot of stuff about urination but we don’t need to discuss that right now!).  Stay tuned for further details on the hockey jersey…


Work, work and work

It’s been a busy week for Ty as you can probably tell by the fact that there haven’t been any new posts this week. He’s working on all sorts of stuff he can’t talk about yet. All of this means that he’s decided he won’t be at Sunday’s Toronto ComiCon as once he finishes this assignment, he has to jump right into the next one. Next two or three, actually.  And you want to make sure he gets a new Bun Toons up this weekend, right?

But don’t let that stop you from attending and checking out all the talent (Georges Jeanty! Marcio Takara! and so many more!) which will be there…details on the HobbyStar website.


It’s Tuesday…

which means it’s only four more days until Toronto ComiCon:   Fan Appreciation Event, where Ty will be signing, sketching and telling tales. (Lots of ’em–some of them even true.)


Upcoming appearances…

Ty will be at the HobbyStar Toronto ComiCon June 5-6, 2010, Fan Appreciation Event.