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Preposterous Over-Simplification Bun Toons! YAY!

I hope I'm not being too subtle

I hope I’m not being too subtle

MANSON VS CARDIf I hear one more person tell me that this movie “…is really good and has nothing to do with Card’s politics…” then I’m going to smile benignly and do nothing, because that’s the zen master that I am.

I’m not suggested a boycott of this Ender’s Game movie.  I’m suggesting you go out and get a copy of Manson’s solo album, because it’s really good and has nothing to do with his murder spree.

Ty the Guy OUT!

And then, there’s this:

enders game marvel comicsHow come people only protested when Card was writing Superman at DC?  It seems he’s had a lively career as a writer and source material at Marvel without anyone batting an eye…


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I Can Read It By Myself Bun Toons! YAY!

A cat in a hat is nothing.  Try getting a shirt on a rabbit.

A cat in a hat is nothing. Try getting a shirt on a rabbit, you’ll lose a finger.

Who doesn’t love controversy?  It gives everyone a chance to rally behind a good cause or a bad cause, or the next one that sparkles and catches one’s eye.

This week, our industry turned it’s sparkly attention towards the New DC Online Digital Adventures of Superman because some stories are going to be written by a mildly well known science fiction writer who is also a mildly well known activist for keeping “traditional values” away from gay people.   Which, of course means, we’ll be finding out next year he’s gay himself.

In the meantime, some thoughts…

one fish websize

That word balloon from panel two is essentially a real quote from Orson Scott Card, only he didn’t rhyme when he said it.  History is bending away from those sorts of comments in the 21st Century though, and one hopes Mr. Card learns to bend away from them as well.

Right wing people well bend faster if we don’t alienate, demonize and and try to silence them so much.  If we actually have the better path to a better society with equality for all, then we should educate the other side to this idea, enlighten the confused, and lift up people instead of shouting at them.   You actually win some over that way.

And boycotting a company I used to work at, and punishing struggling retailers in my neighbourhood, to make some point, is just a preposterously dumb idea that wins over no one.

Even the CIA knows it’s better to turn an opponent than kill him.  If you can’t trust the CIA, who can you trust?

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Dr. Seuss Comic Book Moment:

the call of cthulu seuss

This delightful parody project is brought to you from Down Under by an illustrator known as Dr. Faustus.  Here’s his Deviant Art page, where you can read the entire Call of Cthulu Easy Reader.   Too much fun!


vibe link last week


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Riverdale Deep, Mountain High Bun Toons. YAY!

Are you a Betty, or a Veronica? Take this simple test!

Time to turn our attention to the world of comics that people in the world of comics sometimes don’t consider to be in the world of comics.  By that, I mean comics not published by Marvel or DC.

Don’t worry, I’m still interested in super-heroes.  I’m not THAT well rounded. But today, we talk about…

Who thought they’d live long enough to see a world where Archie Comics is the brave, hip, upstart on the comic stands?  The one challenging the status quo?  The one kicking Marvel and DC’s ass on this issue?

And a big shout out to my man Dan Parent, who’s been doing all the heavy lifting on the Kevin Keller comic series.  Dan gets some love.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Bonus Archie Comics Super-Hero moment.

Forget the Mighty Crusaders for a moment...Does anyone else remember this old series...when Archie and the gang would turn into super-powered teenagers every now and then?

I have a bunch of these from my misspent youth. I thought they'd been entirely forgotten...

...but they've come back with ALL-NEW stories quite recently, with scripts by Tom DeFalco and art by Ron Frenz and Al Milgrom! The team that brought the world THOR turns to Riverdale and Captain Hero! Amazing stuff.


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