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Living On The Edge Bun Toons! YAY!

Making Webcomics and saving lives since 2009

Making Webcomics and saving lives since 2010

Sometimes life presents you with a moment of greatness, and there is no choice but to step up and do the right thing.  Today’s Bun Toon is a shocking but true story of one such moment…and how your humble bunny blogger acted.

Try not to admire me too much.


Okay, part of that isn’t true.

I warned Claremont about the bus.  It’s not my fault he ignored me.

There were many other moments ALMOST as wonderful last weekend, and I think I’ve lost my wife to George Perez.  If only the convention organizers hadn’t misspelled my name on my table (they spelled it “H-E-R-B  T-R-I-M-P-E”) the weekend would have been perfect.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Besides working together to create a moment of shame and remorse at my interview panel, Claremont and Grell have teamed up one other time.

giant size xmen forever

If I didn’t think it would ruin someone else’s special moment, I’d go pick this issue up!

Oh, and now that I know that my fellow Quantum and Woody artist, Tom Fowler, reads this webcomic, I`m going to drop his name, just to tickle his ego.


For last week's unusual Bun Toon, click on the Rabbit Eared Neil Gaiman above

For last week’s unusual Bun Toon, click on the Rabbit Eared Neil Gaiman above

For the Bun Toon Archive, which almost never mentions Neil Gaiman, click the correct logo above

For the Bun Toon Archive, which almost never mentions Neil Gaiman, click the correct logo above

Happy Birthday Stan Lee! And the Top 5 Bun Toons Countdown Begins!

First…  Respect must be paid.

Stan (the Man) Lee is birthdaying up today, so we tip our hat here at Art Land.   Besides being the consummate showman, and the best “artiste de la hype” since P. T. Barnum, Lee IS actually one of the best writers to ever work in our biz, of that there is no question.  You’ll always find something  fun, or  something  hokey, corny, brilliant, dramatic, or two parts genius in every script the Man writes.    He’s at his best when working with other geniuses, like Kirby, Ditko, Romita, Colan, Buscema

Pamela Anderson and others, that’s true, but somehow Lee manages to be the one pulling his weight in those genius team-ups every time.  That’s his real talent, that he believes in himself like a Super-hero, and he’s kinda earned it after all this time.

Stan Lee, being accused of loving the big, fat dollar.

I have a really funny Stan Lee anecdote to tell on this blog someday…a fun moment I shared with Stan, Mark Waid, John Byrne and the Great Robert Loren Fleming at San Diego some years back that I plan to draw up as a Bun Toon, and then you’ll see…you’ll ALL see!  I’ll show you…!

Stan Lee and George Bush - both squeezing as hard as they can to see which one shouts "ow" first. The shake lasted three minutes, until Secret Service agents wrestled Lee to the ground.

I freely admit, I stole Ty “the Guy” from  Stan “the Man” (just as Stan stole it from Stan the Man Musial),  and I salute Marvel’s Great One on his 88th  birthday.

Love you lots, and lots Mr. Lee.  I just can’t help it, I’m a True Believer.


Enough fawning over a legend, let’s pay more attention to me.  It’s the…

I started my little webcomic back in April of 2010, and have enjoyed this fun place to play and giggle – when I get an idea that simply won’t work in a Marvel or Simpsons script, it goes here.  Some toons are surprising hits, read by tens of thousands of people, and some are read by merely hundreds.  I never know what’s going to “go viral” around here, and what’s going to lay there like a lump.   So, betwixt now and New Year’s, I’ll be counting down the top five most popular Bun Toons, mixed with the five that no one read.  HAH!  I’m shackling my successes to my failures, which keeps my ego in check, and the glass half empty, because that’s how I roll, bitches.

Our first entry was much liked and commented on, passed around the net on a couple of sites, and read by quite a few people.   Every word of it is verbatim true.


This next Bun Toon was put online early in the series, before anyone was reading them, or knew I was even doing them.  Poor little Bun Toon spent the year at the bottom of the “hits” pile on my blog stats.  Never got over two hundred hits all year.   Lonely little thing…here it is again…

See you tomorrow with some more grand triumphs of the Bun Toon Arts, and another ignoble failure to embarrass myself with.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your end of the year comic book Moment of Zen:

It’s the Top 20 Dumbest Issue of Mad Magazine, and I’m the 20th Dumbest!  Or at least, I illustrated it.  On sale now, wherever magazine stores still exist in this digital world of the future.  SHAMELESS PLUG ZEN!