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It’s Hoverboy Friday! On Friday this week, too, so give yourselves a hand.  And today, the untold dozens of net-izens who entered our vastly successful HOVERBOY FAULTY MEMORIES CONTEST can let out those sighs of anticipation, as the big winner is about to be announced, complete with a copy of the original art for the cover he’ll be getting a stirring recreation of!

We asked for your Hoverboy memories about your favorite Super-Villain from the heyday of Vigilance Comics, in the Golden, Silver, Bronze and Cubic Zirconium ages of comics, and you responded with VIM and VIGOR, two of my least favorite villains of all time.  But you also responded with some great ones:

Hoverboy Vs. The Red Herring

This favorite was sent in by Richard Fader of Ft. Lee, New Jersey.  An issue  about misleading clues that eventually mean nothing.

Hoverboy Vs. Science, Evolution, Book Learnin' and the Scary World

The above suggesting came from a “Sarah” from Alaska.  Science is a popular villain in parts of North America.

Hoverboy vs. Way Too Much Time in the Sun

Sent in by many different contestants who thought the man on the cover was a bad guy!  But it was Hoverboy himself, in disguise, silly readers, and Hoverboy’s ALWAYS the good guy, even in disguise.


Anyway, after the breakneck few weeks of the contest, it was all over on Monday.  And the administrator of the Hoverboy Facebook Fan Page took the many entries we had, and put them before our expert panel of Hoverboy Curators, who  narrowed it down to six finalists.  These six finalists were hand delivered to the home of Sarah Samms, the last surviving actress to portray Hovergirl on film, and she reached into the bucket and produced our winner.

But first the runner’s up, all tied for second place, which is also last place.  Take whichever standing allows you to hold your head high, guys.

Tied for last)  The villain who liked to oil himself up and fight about everything…”Greco Roman Steve”  – Submitted by Adam Borg

Tied for last)  “Comrade Hoverboy”  The evil twin with an agenda– submitted by Norm Donovan

Tied for last)  The one villain who could always get under Hoverboy’s Helmet, The Mop – submitted by Daria Scolia

Tied for last)  Jack Boot-Friggin’ Nazi and his Eternal Experitormentors – I think we all remember Jack Boot-Friggen’ Nazi, and he needs no further introduction –  submitted by Rob Pincombe

Tied for last)  The Enemy of us All:  Time – submitted by Dana Morsehead.


Submitted by Ray Yelle (who submitted quite a few, proving that a stacked deck is a lucky deck!)

The Procrastinator!

“The Procrastinator –  who technically remains undefeated by Hoverboy because he’s been rescheduling their final showdown for 14 years and counting. He gained his powers when a dying time-traveler gave him his damaged chrono-ring, allowing him to put off until tomorrow any event he’d rather not do today.”

GREAT MEMORY, Ray, and here’s the cover from HOVEROY #96, which featured the Procrastinator’s first “appearance” (though of course, he does not actually appear on panel for another three  years).

I would have had this cover scanned days ago, but I had things to do.

We’ll be getting in touch with Ray through the Facebook Fan Site, as well as announcing his winning entry there, and at hoverboy.com…and we’ll have to find out how to get him his stunningly accurate reproduction of this cover, hand drawn by me (Ty) on drawing board and everything.  It looks so much like the original, that you’ll swear the whole thing is a fake.

Thanks for joining us in this trip down Faulty Memory Lane.  And tune in next week for one of the most rare Hoverboy issues OF ALL TIME:  The first of the HOVERBOY WRITE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE issues!

Ty the Guy

To be able to enter future contests, join the Fan club over on Facebook:

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Saturday Morning Cartoons

WHO is responsible for the calendar, as I’m certain Saturday wasn’t due for at least three or four more days….?  But it’s here, and so is BUN TOONS, as regular as a bran-filled man in his mid-thirties.

I thought folks might enjoy a gentle gag about the Catholic Church that doesn't mention the criminal cover-up-of-rapists angle. Which I've just blown by mentioning in this caption...whoops.

NOW:  A  special HOVERBOY version of BUN TOONS this week.

All the beloved SPACE COWS  of THE LAST ROUND-UP will return next week, with more Bovine SF adventures. But now, we’re continuing with HOVERBOY WEEK with a NEVER BEFORE SEEN ONLINE COMPLETE HOVERBOY STORY. (All in service of the HOVERBOY “WIN SOME ORIGINAL ART BY TY” contest…go HERE and HERE for contest details)

FIRST:  Here’s the latest HOVERBOY vs. NAZI ROBOTS strips.


Unlike other superheroes of the second world war, Hoverboy spent the duration fighting only on the American homefront.  It might have been because co-creator C.L. “Charlie” Nutt had been classified 4-F-C (a rare designation that meant UNFIT FOR MILITARY SERVICE because of BIOLOGICAL COWARDICE), but the reason most often given in interviews with Nutt was that “…Johnny Stay-At-Home goldbricks deserved a super-hero, too!  We can’t all serve our country or our God, and folks like to look up to someone who’s not serving, just like them!”

This premiere issue of YELLOW PERIL MYSTERY FUNNIES featured five stories, all of which focus on a theme of distrusting people of Asian descent, a subject which was acceptable during the war years, when the phrase “Yellow Peril” (coined by beloved Pre-Nazi Kaiser Wilhelm II, reknowned racist and inventor of the concept of “World War”) was actively promoted by the Hearst Papers.

The “Yellow Peril” title was Hoverboy’s best selling comic in 1942, and the series remained quite popular until the 1950s, a fact often covered up by modern comic historians who like to gloss over the overt racism of the times.  This issue in particular is extremely rare to find intact, as most copies, when discovered, are instantly burned by people with a conscience.

ONE LAST NOTE:  The final line of the story “Night of the Terror” is something we considered editing out, but to serve historical accuracy, we decided to leave it in…with the caveat that it offends us more than it does you, believe me.



Wow.  Just awful, but that was America in 1942, fighting what is now considered the “Last Good War” by the “Greatest Generation”….there’s a reason why it’s called “White-washing” history to pretend this stuff didn’t happen.


And one last image of SPACE COWS, as I cannot resist their allure:

Admit it…the concept is hypnotic to behold.

See you next week, with the TRIUMPHANT RETURN OF STAVROS AND LANA, and other stuff I find funny.


Hoverboy |

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Whoops!  Dinner at the folks last night, so I slept in this morning, and the Saturday Morning Toons are an hour late.  But they’re here now, you excited and breathless people!  Calm the #$()* down!!

When last we left Stavros Stavropolis and Lana Little, Space Ranchers and devoted Love-Muffins, they had escaped from Lord Vodon’s Astro-Dungeon…RIGHT INTO THE VACUUM OF OUTER SPACE!!  Damned tough bit of bad luck, no?  So we join them, mere seconds away from the after-life…

And now, a BUNNY FUNNY with a special significance.  I drew this as a gift for my wife, many years ago, when we first met, and fell in love ourselves.  It’s hanging in her work studio, but I felt since the subject was LOVE today, I could share it with the world.  Awww….(I bet I get some action from the wife later today because of this!)


That’s it for the Saturday Webtoons, but before I leave, I’m going to remind you of our SPIFFY contest around here.  Share your HOVERBOY memories and win a piece of ORIGINAL ART by Ty the Guy (that’s ME!).

There doesn't seem to be a villain on this cover, unless you count the TACO BELL dog...

Send us a description of your favorite Hoverboy villain from the THOUSANDS of issues of Vigilance Comics published over the last 75 years, and we’ll be picking ONE lucky entry by lottery –and the winner receives a PAINSTAKING RECREATION of the original cover, made with such precision by me, that you’ll SWEAR the image is the original art.  I mean it will REALLY look like the original art.  Am I being subtle enough about who draws these things?!?

Kerchack the gorilla is not allowed, as he was clearly stolen from the Edgar Rice Burroughs people.

But FIRST ya gotta join the Hoverboy Fan page on Facebook.  That’s easy to do if you have a computer and no sense of your own personal privacy, apparently, as Facebook has become evil in the last few weeks.  But the contest is fun, and you might win some original art, you grubby heathens, so why not give it a try?!?  Details for the contest can be found HERE, and of course, the Hoverboy website, as always is found HERE.

And, to be fair, the Native Americans in this issue were the victims of the story.

Ain’t the inter-tubes fun?


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Hoverboy Friday! On a Thursday!

Okay, I cheated:  this is actually, just a quick reminder for the Bucket Brigade!

Check out the Hoverboy fan page on facebook.  It’s the last day for the contest to name/create the BEST Hoverboy villain of all time!  The winner gets a piece of original Hoverboy cover art…(not necessarily the one below!)