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Silly in Philly Bun Toons! YAY!


We’ll get to the cheesesteaks a little later.

This sort of thing is happening more and more nowadays.

philly willy

Okay, now we can talk about the famous sandwiches.

We were in Philadelphia,  so naturally we asked about where we should we go to have a really good Philly Cheesesteak.  The choice is between “Geno’s” and “Pat’s” and we were told by one of our cab drivers that he preferred “Geno’s” because they “really load on the liquid wiz”.

Well, we never got to either Geno’s or Pat’s, but I did get a cheesesteak, and yes, they load on the liquid wiz.

It’s something of a catchphrase for the city.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Hardly my first urinal convention story.


Oh, convention bathrooms.  Will you ever stop delighting us?


easter link

For last week’s Easter Bun Toon, click the image above.

Packed with Comedy Bun Toons! Yay!

Look, there's a rabbit with singing pastry...it's already funny.

Look, there’s a rabbit with singing pastry…it’s already funny.


Of course, the Muslim orders a fruit juice, as is befitting his religion, and the three of them resolve whatever troubles they have with thoughtful discussion.

Ty the Guy OUT!


I don’t know how many punch lines this comic book has, but you have to appreciate the title of this Golden Age gem…

farmer's daughter comics—————————————————————————————————

Follow this link for more efficient comedy about pop culture!

Follow this link for more efficient comedy about pop culture!

For the Bun Toon archive...click here

For the Bun Toon archive…click here


Saturday Morning Taxi Toons! Yay!




The morning of Saturday is upon us, and time for another bun toon.  This one was inspired by a terribly bad cab ride, a conversation with my friend Sam Agro, and a bit of an old SNL sketch.  Put ’em together and you make toon soup.   I’m actually happy with how this one turned out, and hey, look!  I lettered it by hand, just because I can still do that!

Dedicated to the Sketch Treadwells of this world.  May you all be stiffed with a Kat Krispies coupon.

See you soon for another Hi-larious top ten list, and more bun toons next week.  Ain’t the internet fun?  Speaking of fun…


Here now, your comic book moment of zen.

Bun Toon Animal Facts.

Gaze upon this, ye mighty, and despair

I was at a party for the school I teach at last night, welcoming the new students to the new location, celebrating the fit-to-print project from last year’s group, and letting them watch their teacher get drunk and show off the wife’s tattoo.   So Bun Toon is late, and I am bad man.  But better latent than never, my pastor always told me.

Off we go into…

Every word of this was meticulously researched by our crack staff.  Get me a lie detector, I’ll prove it to you doubters.


Here now, your comic book moment of zen

The Batman-Singing Pug

It’s been a little hot up here in Canada-land, which I think is the only excuse for this…  Normally, Ty’s not a big one for “funny” YouTube videos but I played him The Pug who yells “Batman” and he smiled.  Then, I played him the mash-up (of course, there’s a mash-up) by Bex Schwartz and he laughed ’til he had tears streaming down his face.  Then, while dazed by all the laughing, he said, “You’ve got to link to those in Art Land!”

So, here ya go…funny videos on the interwebs, recommended by Ty the Guy.

The Pug who yells “Batman”



and The Mashup “Batman Pug Theme Song”




(via Jezebel.com http://jezebel.com/5591598/the-pug-that-yells-batman)