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Holy Bun Toons, Batman!

And I spake, verily, saying, Hoo Hah!"

And I spake, verily, saying, “Hoo Hah!”

A while back, I did a series of battles between mythical characters that rarely get to duke it out.  Superman vs. Jesus — Professor X vs. Professor Darwin —  Hulk vs. The Buddha —  and The Spectre vs. Steven Hawking, just to name just a few.  Many were declared winner, and many went down in defeat.

It’s time for the play-offs.

jesus buddha websize

My god, this is getting exciting.

What’s next in the quarter finals?!?  Batman vs. Bugs Bunny?  Obelix vs. Ma Kent?  The possibilities are endless, except that’s about all I have left from the list, so it’s not that endless after all.

SOME OF THE ORIGINAL EPIC STRUGGLES! Click on ’em to read the Bun Toon Battles of Yore!

superman vs jesus link

batman vs leviathan link

hulk vs buddha link

asterix tintin

aunt may

Ty the Guy OUT!

In the spirit of Zen, I shall give you all a bonus moment.  And then another moment that is not a bonus, but instead will be an extra moment.

Everyone who understood that, clap with one hand.

First, from England’s late, lamented WASTED Magazine, a page from Alan Grant’s chemically inspired “TALES OF THE BUDDHA”, starring Kid Buddha and his pal, Jesus.

tales of the buddha

Jesus, Buddha and maryjane –  It’s not just something you shout when you stub your toe at the United Nations.

And now, your extra moment.

jesus and buddha on vacationThe title of this manga roughly translates to “Jesus and Buddha on Vacation”.  And it takes place in Tokyo, apparently.  And Jesus has way better hair for scoring the ladies in Tokyo, that’s clear from the cover.


And now an extra, extra, bonus moment.

mad mad mad world

I first encountered Jonathan Winters on the Johnny Carson Tonight Show.  He came on and just talked to the audience in the studio, riffing off whatever they said to him, and was the funniest damn thing I’d ever seen at the age of ten.  As I grew up, I found he got funnier and that there was more going on than the silly voices and the insane characters that would pop up and down like an MPD wack-a-mole game.  He was a true subversive, and had a cynical point of view, buried in the lunacy.

And he played it like jazz.  A comic who could swing like Dizzy, man.

The world lost a few dozen people when it lost Jonathan Winters.  A number of them are portrayed on this magnificent cover by the great Jack Davis.  I have this album, and I’m going to put it on.


With all the links I've put up this week, I'll bet you're ignoring this link to last week's Bun Toon.  Go ahead, I don't mind.

With all the links I’ve put up this week, I’ll bet you’re ignoring THIS link to last week’s Robin-centric Bun Toon. Go ahead, Click it, and see if I care.


The link to the Bun Toon archive.  Last link of the day, everyone into the pool!

The link to the Bun Toon archive. Last link of the day, everyone into the pool!

True Halloween Bun Toons Extravaganza, YAY!

BOO! (True story!)

Around this house, Halloween is better than Christmas, and more fun than Birthdays.  You get to wear a disguise and see inside your neighbour’s front door.  We rarely do that on Christmas.

As always, every word of this is true, we didn’t even change the names of the innocent.  Screw the innocent.  What did they ever do for me?

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Bun Toons Halloween Moment:  From last year’s epic Halloween Bun Toon.


For last week's equally true Bun Toons, click on the Rabbit

For every Bun Toon ever, click the Rabbit again!

Bun Toons Countdown Part III (Blasphemy Edition)! The Glories and Failures of 2010!

Take one part blasphemy  – one part corporate owned super-hero property -and mix well.  You end up with the most popular recurring gag I did this year in Bun Toons.  Super-Heroes vs. the Gods!   Don’t blame me, I was only filling a need.  Coming Soon:  The Mighty Xtapalatakettle vs. Herbie the Fat Fury!

As of this writing, in the fight between Dr. Hawking and the Spectre, the score is Hawking 1,  Spectre 0.

Expect to see more of these preposterous team-ups as I think of religions I’m okay with making fun of.  Scientology, Wicca, Nascar, etc.   My mother won’t let me do the Wonder Woman vs. Mohammed strip I had planned, and the coward in me agrees.


Here’s one of my favorites from 2010 toons…but it got overlooked in the ongoing media circus surrounding the Palin daughter on Dancing With the Stars.   For weeks, our blog numbers sagged as we steadfastly refused to weigh in on the Palin “voting”  issue, and the following Bun Toons went unnoticed by the interweb during those trying times.

Besides, it only offends blind people, and they never read my blog.

See you tomorrow with the Bun Toon that brought down the 2nd biggest Science Fiction franchise in history, and I’m NOT talking about Planet of the Apes (which is probably, like…sixth or something).

Ty the Guy OUT!

HERE NOW—your team-up of the gods comic book moment of zen:

Okay, sure we still gasp in awe at this.  Did you ever see the ALT cover that came out from Marvel?

I think they used clip art.  And that tag line is so defensive about the whole project, it’s like you caught Marvel drunkenly groping your sister.

By the way, did you notice that I went the entire blog entry without mentioning that the big Mad Magazine Top 20 Dumbest Things of 2010 issue is in stores NOW?  I never talked about it once.

And I never showed you this cover.


Superman vs. Jesus vs. Hallowe’en Toons! Yay!

It’s Saturday, and time for me to blaspheme again.  This time, it’s SEASONAL!

I've given you bun toons. Now you owe me candy.

Please, no letters or emails, I’m illiterate anyway.

Enjoy your trick or treating, folks.  And try to remember, if you really want to gain weight this weekend, forget candy and head straight for a KFC Double Down, your doctor will be glad you did.


Here now, your Bun Toons moment of Zen:


For last week’s BUN TOONS, click the image below:

For the ORIGINAL Superman vs. Jesus, click the image below:

Saturday Early Afternoon Comics YAY!

It may be early afternoon in Toronto, but it’s still morning in parts of Canada…damn the relentless ticking of that infernal clock.  If I didn’t have to sleep, I could get SO much more done.

You cannot escape the toons. I will find you, and cartoon in your yard!

-TRUE STORY:  Years ago, I was at a comic-book documentary movie premiere with Art Spiegelman (as well as many other cartoonists) and someone asked Spiegelman who would win in a fight between Superman and Jesus, and Art replied “Two Jews fighting?  Nobody wins.”

You may break up into discussion groups, to determine which answer works better.

(The Blasphemy Collection continues:  Hulk vs. The Buddha and Batman vs. The Beast of the Leviathan)


Here now, your COMIC BOOK moment of ZEN

For more opportunities to sue, be offended, or look at last week’s Bun Toons (Bus Stop Funnies) go HERE.

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It’s Saturday, and you know what that means?  You can get drunk before noon and your boss can’t complain.  Unless you work Saturdays, and you’re not a wine taster or something like that.  Regardless, Saturday mornings ALSO means it’s time for FREE WEBCOMICS from Ty the Guy.

Through rain and sleet and snow, nothing shall stay me from my appointed rounds!



Now this:

I forgot to list the latest comic with my work in it last week.

AGE OF HEROES #2:  It’s out, and I’ve only got one single page story in it, written by my pal DAN (the man) SLOTT.  But if I don’t promote it, who will?  Other than the million dollar promotion machine at Marvel, I mean.

I drew a teeny bit of this. On sale now.

That’s it for today.  I’ll see you soon, perhaps tomorrow.  In the meantime, I’m off to see that TOY STORY thing.  I hear the dancing puppets are funny, and I’ll let you know how it turns out.


Last Week’s Bun Toon is HERE.  The first appearance of the now-world-famous EVERTT MANN: FREELANCE PROTAGONIST, as well as THE EXISTENTIAL PRIVATE EYE.  Why aren’t you clicking yet?

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