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All the News in Fits and Sprints Bun Toons! YAY!

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If I wasn’t here you’d have to rely on the news cable stations.

There’s so much going on.  But what is the BIG STORY?


The red pants have been appearing regularly around here since 2011…


No kidding.  The Bunny wore them for quite a while, especially if the strip that week had something to do with DC or Superman…Here’s a toon praising the Grant Morrison run on Action Comics from 2012.




It can launch energy balls


…or fire off rockets


The little red pants were the only part of Superman to survive Doomsday.


Without them, the world would never have had this photo.


I’m proud to have worn them.

Ty the Guy OUT!


why gone link

LAST week’s Bun Toon.  Click above, I’m still here.

Female Creators Bun Toons. YAY!

No, that's not me in drag.

If there’s one thing I know about women  (or shorties and hunnies, as they prefer to be called), it’s that they are the gender who can sit naked in a wicker chair.

But seriously, folks…women in comics, both as creators and characters, have been the main conversation around the blogs and cons lately.   A cosplayer  known as “Batgirl of San Diego” stood up and asked where the female writers and artists were at the ALL NEW DC Comicon panels this year, and made enough noise that co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan Didio eventually heard her a month later.  They even issued a formal response on the DCU Blog last week actually called “We Hear You.”

I am woman, hear me roar - but give it a while to sink in.

In other lady funnybook news, a woman’s comics anthology called “WOMANTHOLOGY” tried to raise 25 thousand dollars on Kickstarter this month, and accidentally raised over a hundred thousand bucks in a few days.  The can of worms this bucket of cash has opened is too complex to go into here, but it’s more proof that August is lady funnybook month.

This Just In:  A comic store in Toronto called Paradise Comics is holding an all-female creators in-store signing next weekend (Aug. 20th) called “Girls Day Out”, the first store signing my wife’s invited to, that I’m not.  Estrogen August Marches On!

I’m no fool, I spot the trend –  and I heartily support the whole thing.  So  today, I’m joining up and taking one for the team…stepping aside, offering up my audience, putting my blog where my mouth is, and handing over the keys to Bun Toons this weekend to a wonderful shortie-hunny/cartoonist named Eden Bachelder.  DC might not be hiring enough women, but I sure as hell am. Take it away Eden…

Eden. Honorary Bunny this week.

Eden’s pretty fond of the Phantom characters, so that’s where her tooning heart went.  You can see more of Eden’s lovely paintings and illustrations at www.edenbachelder.com and you can see more of my straight white male oppressor Bun Toons next week.  But let her know what you thought of this, either in the comments below, or on her website.   I’m all for women creators, and by taking the week off,  it was clearly the least I could do.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Girl Comics Bonus Moments.  You’ve come a fairly short distance, baby.

This is a Marvel Comic from the late Golden Age. You got to give them credit for a kick-ass heroine on the cover. No women crying revenge after a boyfriend dumps them...

Okay, forget what I said.


I chose issue #1 of this series because #2 is as NSFW as it gets.


For last week's controversial Bun Toons, drawn by a real MAN, click the bunny. But let's be honest, you've already read it.

For every Bun Toon ever, click the bunny where the male genitalia SHOULD be, but disturbingly isn't.

52 New Bun Toons Titles ALL AT ONCE! YAY!

Because I'm ahead of the cutting edge.

By now, comic fans have heard that DC is canceling their line of comics for a month, and then relaunching their entire catalog with 52 all-new first issues of all-new re-boots of all their all-new series, in one all-new month, and ALL of them are going online the very same day.  Some people have called this a stroke of marketing genius, but all those people currently work for DC.  For the rest of us, it looks like a heck of a gamble…one that’s sure to bankrupt the fans if they buy every #1 issue, and one that’s sure to bankrupt the comic stores if the fans don’t.   One thing you CAN say about the idea, is that it’s got people talking.  And since I’m no idiot (I have a doctor’s note to prove it too!) I’m stealing the idea myself.  Starting next month, the weekly Bun Toon is spinning off into 52 weekly Bun Toons.  And they’re all available online the same day, too!

In case you’re wondering what that many new first issues looks like coming at you at once, it looks like this:

Remember, if you don’t subscribe to all 52 of these new webcomics, you’ll be destroying the comics industry, you selfish bastards.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your bonus new DC moment:

...because nothing says "modern" like an Victorian high collar.


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Artwork Tres

Mad Magazine Ty did the art for a spoof of iconic covers (some colourist named KT Smith helped him…but got no credit.  It really doesn’t pay to sleep with the artist).

mad batman lee