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Agh! Uk! Ut! Ow! Bun Toons!

gray bunny

Smile, though your guts are breaking, smile, even though you’re aching…

I wasn’t around Bun Tooning last week because of the chronic, you know what I’m saying?  And by chronic, I mean chronic and ongoing kidney stone problems.  No details, I don’t want to bore you with the icky stuff, but it’s why I wasn’t here last week.

kidney day websize

All real quotes.  My wife overheard the comment in the bed next to mine in emergency last week.  Apparently I was getting a little too detailed about my belief system while the universe took shots at my innards, and it put someone off that I wasn’t just saying “Ow!”.

I ended up in a semi-private room with a nice Catholic man named Rick who didn’t deserve the tsuris, so I learned to stay quiet about the Bible as the meds wore off.   I can be good.

Fingers crossed, my doctors think I can be free of these things for the rest of my life in a couple of months.   Then I’ll be reduced to only cursing bad movies and bad drivers, but I’ll keep those blasphemies to myself.

Ty the Guy OUT!

kidney lady 2

I know it’s because of SELMA BLOTTE (the Kidney Lady from Howard the Duck) that all this happened to me.   I wrote her into ONE Howard story in a Civil War special, just a single panel cameo, for god’s sake, and she took it wrong.

kidney lady 1

I have the power of life and death over you!

I’m glad I never wrote a scene with Appendix Bursting Man or Lung Disease Boy (two of the lesser members of the Legion of Substitute Heroes), or I’d never be free of the hospital.


Bat v Sup link

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Putting My Own Spin On Things Bun Toons? Not Really…

I'm getting dizzy here...

I’m getting dizzy here…

Oy, what a weekend.  I’m supposed to be at a convention in Kitchener, Ontario, but I’ve been having my tummy problems again.  (Long time readers don’t need tickets to a new Stones Tour, but you get the picture).

So, bad news….no new Bun Toon.

big hat dog

But any bad news is always softened with BIG HAT DOG.

So I’m hopped up on the meds, awaiting the awful conclusion to the whole meshuga, and trying not to pay attention to the pretty colours the Oxy-contin brings me.

Speaking of freaking images….Have you guys ever heard of an “ambigram”?

That’s a word that reads the same either upside-down, or in a mirror, as it does the “right” way up.   They look like this:


I got a book full of these ambigram typography art pieces a while back, and got it into my head that they’re a serious design challenge that would twist my brain into pudding if I tried it.  So, naturally,  I took a pencil and my brain and tried to “ambigram” up my signature a few days back, and this is what I came up with…

00-goofy-sig-for-webI tried to keep to the actual letter shapes I use when signing my last name (otherwise it would be cheating) and it turned out nowhere near as difficult to do as I thought it was going to be.  The exercise took about ten to fifteen minutes, and I’m sort of thrilled with the result.

When my brain clears up (and I spend my time screaming my head off in a local washroom), I might try this again with a few other words and phrases.  FUN.

In the meantime, I’m back to my meds.  The colours are so lovely…

This is what I see.

This is what I see.

Ty the Guy Mentally OUT!

mirror master

How do the toy makers not understand that you need TWO Mirror Master action figures to make any of his schemes work?


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The LAST Medical Bun Toon! YAY!

Lord, give me strength

Lord, give me strength

I’ve been away from the Bun Toon for a couple of weeks because of my awful medical problems…

You don’t want to know about those weeks and those problems.

But I’m going to tell you anyway…

Hopefully, for the LAST time.


Sigh…it all started with Eartha Kitt playing Catwoman, and suddenly, just forty five years later, it’s still going.  Oh, racist fandom collected, will ye never learn?

Ty the Guy OUT!

And now…for the FINAL, LAST, ULTIMATE and DONE appearance of the Kidney Lady from Howard the Duck.


This whole kidney episode was some sort of punishment for my writing Howard the Duck for a while….AND never using the Kidney Lady in any of my scripts.   So SHE CAME AND GOT ME!!


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The Return of Bun Toons! YAY!

Hobbled, beaten, bloodied and struggling....but STILL HERE!

Hobbled, beaten, bloodied and struggling….but STILL HERE!

Oh, what a couple of weeks it’s been around here.  Mostly painful ones, but now there’s drugs involved, so I also get to talk to the floating dolphins that line my driveway.

mental health smallOh, you wacky America, with your genuinely lunatic politicians who are basically evil.  How you amuse me.

Forgive me, internet-landers, for it’s time for my next pain reducing medical thingie.  They actually work to reduce the pain, but they more or less knock…


Bonus moment.  Kidney stones meet comics.

Go with the best.

doonsebury kidney stone


It was long enough ago that I did a Bun Toon that we still hadn't seen the end of Breaking Bad.

It was long enough ago that I did a Bun Toon that we still hadn’t seen the end of Breaking Bad.  Click here to see how accurate my predictions were.

Click here for the Bun Toon archive...back when I was healthy and could do one of these every Saturday.

Click here for the Bun Toon archive…back when I was healthy and could do one of these every Saturday.