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Suddenly Cancelled Bun-Toons. YAY!

No, we're not cancelled. That's never happening...bwah-hah-hah!

I am of course, speaking of THE ADVENTURES OF METAL-GUY, a back up series from the much beloved “Littlest Sarge” comics of the mid-Sixties, published by Vigilance Comics.  Metal-Guy has the distinction of being the fastest cancelled comic series in the history of the medium, cancelled after only six panels, reproduced below.  It’s somewhat odd that they published these six panels in the first place, (after pulling the plug so quickly on further adventures with the character), but the comics industry was a frugal place back then, and you printed what you paid for.

Vigilance Comics had a history of being sued, and this strip was no exception.  Even though it only lasted six panels, the publisher lost $728,000 dollars in defending themselves from thirty-one separate lawsuits.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your refrigerators in comics MOMENT:

Hah hah.  It’s funny because it’s misogynist.