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Parental Advisory Bun Toons! YAY!


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Ty the Guy OUT!

Speaking of comics that aren’t appropriate for kids, I wanted to give a less-than-wholesome shout out to Comix legend Jay Lynch, who passed away this week.


Jay was there essentially from the beginning of Underground Comix in the 60s.  Along with R. Crumb, Frank Stack, Gilbert Shelton, Dennis Kitchen, Vaughn Bode, Kim Deitch, Spain, and so many others, Jay helped to properly warp my young, forming brain with Nard ‘n’ Pat, and Bijou Funnies..


He also gave the world Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packages, and many years worth of the ubiquitous BAZOOKA JOE!



He also did a strip for Playboy Magazine called “Give ‘Em an Inch by Jay Lynch” that I can’t reproduce on this Bunny Blog –no matter how salty the language got this week– for reasons of decorum.

Thanks for the subversion, Jay.  You’re one of the reasons I never got a real job.

russian link

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Bun Toons Go Snkt! YAY!

Not rain, nor sleet, nor dead of night can keep this cartoonist from his appointed webcomic...but a computer glitch sure can.

Not rain, nor sleet, nor dead of night can keep this cartoonist from his appointed webcomic…but a computer glitch sure can.

Sorry I wasn’t here yesterday, but OY, the TSURIS I was having with my computer.  Don’t get me started about my car.

Anyway…with the arrival of the new X-Men flick, DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, in the theaters (to good reviews and boffo box office mojo), and with the countdown to the death of James “Logan” Howlett just months away, I felt it was time to finally explain to the uninitiated…

wolverine in four panelsAh…I never understood Freud anyway.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here’s the first time I was ever paid to draw Wolverine….more than twenty years ago!

xmen-painted-coverIt was a poster to advertise the line of X-MEN VHS tapes that were for sale in the early 90s.  I didn’t do the layout for the artwork, I was asked to rework this image (drawn by someone at Neal Adams’ Continuity Associates (I think)…

x-men-night-sentinels-vhs-cover-art….but for some reason, the special projects editor didn’t like the colour or the linework on the Neal version (or the pink glow around Gambit’s card) and had me redraw it in acrylic paint.

But then…

animatedlightleI’ve just recently heard from Steve Lightle that THIS was the original version of the drawing….below for the cover of X-Men Adventures #1, and above for a promotional image that I’m not sure what’s happening with the colours…

3417250-01Which then got RE-COLOURED for the cover to X-Men Adventures #1.

Anyway…I’ve seen this attributed to me as the pencil artist with Steve inking….which so clearly isn’t true.  I may have been the LAST person to get his hands on that image…

Here’s the first Wolverine I ever got paid to draw that I actually drew…

xmen-angel-video-box1To this day, I wish they hadn’t covered up his other hand…it had better symmetry before the logo went on…


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