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New Workshops

For those who’ve asked…

Ty will be teaching a new workshop, beginning June 21. It will be Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Bootcamp Part 2. In order to enrol in this course, you have to have completed Part 1 at some point, through Max the Mutt Animation School (taught by Ty at night–none of the day courses are equivalent to this)  or the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop.  He packs an amazing amount of information in each of his three hour classes, and you need it all! Ty has found through past experience that it really isn’t possible for someone to do this course without the background of the first.

So, if you’re a Part 1 survivor, and you would like to learn more…contact Walter Dickinson at Toronto Cartoonists Workshop for more information, and he can let you know if he still has spaces available.


Just to get you in the mood for some learnin’, check out a vid

Comics Rock! with Ty Templeton

Nepotism Thursday

Good lord, Nepotism Thursday falls on a Thursday this month.  Alert the coast guard!!

Years ago, Ty was approached by Brandon Kruse for an interesting project he was involved with.  Kruse had drawn some issues of Batman and Robin Adventures which Ty had written (issues 9, 12-16, 18-20, 22 and 23) so he was part of Ty’s work “family”.  The project involved doing covers and a couple of interior pages for a superhero character which would be used on a website for that character.

Ty, at the time, was up to his neck teaching at Max the Mutt Animation School, and thought of offering up some of his students to do the work.  For someone who will happily take the opportunity to write, draw, ink, colour and letter his own stuff, Ty actually loves to collaborate–and to pass work on to those he considers deserving. But Kruse was hoping to work more with Ty.

At the time, Ty was teaching our eldest how to ink, so he sent along some samples by Kellam (Templeton-Smith at the time, now using Templeton as his work name), and some colouring and lettering by me (and yes, I can spell when I letter–it’s just that we Canadians like to stick “u”s in our words for something to do–a favourite of ours which I know our neighbours to the south don’t even when they’re out and about.) The samples passed muster and the pages arrived…

All the pages were pencilled by Brandon Kruse. Ty and Kellam divided the inking evenly.  I coloured all but one of the pages (the cover for the trapped Crimson Arrow, as seen immediately above) and lettered ’em all. Ty came up with the aging techniques.

The project went by fairly quickly–but was revisited several times.  I had to make a few changes to the pages a couple of times; once because when the costume was created for the live-action video, a yellow stripe was added to the glove which hadn’t been in the original design.  And other changes came about because…well let’s just say that there used to be extra material on the top of the head of the character and leave it at that.  Basically–thank god for PhotoShop!

You can see how the finished work was used over at

The Crimson Arrow

(I didn’t do the lettering which is used on the opening home page for click-throughs.  That was in place of the dialogue lettering I had done.)

(And, for those of you who might be wondering and speculating…let’s just say that this project came well after Ty signed on as one of the three curators* of The Hoverboy Museum. )


*Ty and Rick Green both signed on to help original curator Marcus Moore who had been struggling valiantly for years to build the museum up.

TY HERE: Ten special bonus points for whomever can tell which two covers my son inked, and which two covers I inked.  ALSO:  I coloured one of ’em, and my wife coloured the other three…for THIRTY points, which cover was my colour work.  The clock is ticking, people.  And, as always, the points are redeemable as airmiles.  All winners will receive miles and miles of air, theirs to breathe for  years to come.   By the way, the things atop the Crimson Arrow’s head were, in fact, clearly actionable pointy bat-ears.  I’m not sure why the producers thought the bat-ears were originally acceptable, and I’ll look for one of the un-altered covers to put up in a bit…it was like a neon sign blinking “SUE US!  SUE US!  SUE US!”.   But the whole things was wonderful fun, and my son’s first professional inking paycheck.  So WOO HOO Nepotism Thursdays!

Ty the Guy

Ty teaches…

Ty taught courses at Max the Mutt Animation School for a couple of years.  He began by teaching his Comic Book Bootcamp, then turned to teaching courses during the day for the school’s Sequential Arts program.

After a semester teaching three courses full-time, he realized he had no free time to actually work on comic books–and Ty has always maintained that in order to teach others how to do something like “how to make comics for a living” one has to make a living at it oneself.  Not only to make a living–but to keep up on what is new, fresh and modern.  The comics of 2009 are very different from those of 1989, and it’s a style difference that is not just from the widespread use of computers to make those comics.

So, Ty left teaching at Max the Mutt.

The Toronto Cartoonists Workshop was founded by a student, Walter Dickinson, who took Ty’s Comic Book Bootcamp courses (and had actually lobbied to have Max the Mutt offer those courses, and to create the Sequential Arts program). The Workshop is currently offering courses taught by Ty and by Paul Rivoche.  There are plans to offer other courses including some weekend-long ones.  If you live in the GTA and you’re interested, check out the website periodically to see what’s on offer.

Ty’s current workshop is fully booked (and has a waiting list).  But, Ty will be teaching other workshops next year (February 2010).  If you’re interested, book early–these courses fill up quickly.

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