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Even More Of This Bun Toons! YAY!

FINGER TOONSHoo boy, did we see a lot of traffic this week.

My comic strip about Batman, Bill Finger and “what might have been”  viraled up more than any other Bun Toon I’ve done.  It was forwarded on facebook, touted on tumbler, tweeted and redditted, scrawled under the overpass in the bad side of town, chatted about at the important parties, passed along in secret codes to the people who needed to know, and talked about  amongst the un-contacted rainforest tribes in  New Guinea.

If you haven’t read it…here it is…

Click here and jump on a bandwagon!

Click here and jump on a bandwagon!

First –let’s get this straight:  I didn’t do it to bitch slap Bob Kane.  

That’s Steranko’s job.

And I didn’t do it as some anti-corporate comment about work-for-hire contracts, as it has nothing whatsoever to do with any or that.

I did it as a little plea for some attention on Bill Finger’s 100th Birthday (rapidly coming up on Feb. 8th of this year!).  My friend Marc Tyler Nobleman had this idea that Bill Finger deserved a Google-Doodle to mark the occasion, since Bill more-or-less/we-can’t-say-it-LEGALLY/no-one-really-argues-it-though, created most of what we know of as Batman an Robin, but his name almost never comes up around any of the movies, comics, books and TV shows that feature his characters….and Marc thought a Google Doodle would be a good way to celebrate Mr. Finger’s Dynamic Duo of contributions to 20th Century Pop Culture  (putting aside for a moment that Bill Finger also co-created Green Lantern and Joker and Catwoman, etc.)

Nothing catches on as a grass-roots movement unless there’s a mess of bumper sticker catchphrases summing up the complexity of the concept into worthless bite-size ideas chunks.  With that in mind, I give you the following images that you can right-click and use for your own facebook-tumblr-twitter worlds.  Help get the word out on Bill’s Hundredth Birthday, and our campaign to get him a google doodle.  

I’m tired of hearing that Bill Finger was the “unsung” hero of Batman.

Let’s  get him SUNG.


right click any image and put it on social media today!



My wife didn't care for this one...

My wife didn’t care for this one…

This might work on Spider-Man fans...every bit helps.

This might work on Spider-Man fans…every bit helps.

Clearly I've run out of ideas...

Clearly I’ve run out of ideas…

This is the week to campaign…the birthday’s only a couple of weeks away.

Ty The Guy OUT!


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For many other Bun Toons past, some of which involve Batman, and many of which involve rabbits...click the archive here

For many other Bun Toons past, some of which involve Batman, and many of which involve rabbits…click the archive here