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Here a page, there a page…

and more to come in the next few days.

As of now, I’ve put up

Miracleman, and

Powdered Toast Man Special Issue #1 pages



Clearing out the overstuffed original art bin of pieces that might accidentally be topical again.  Here’s a house ad that ran in Eclipse books during their tenth anniversary year…besides featuring a host of characters you don’t remember, or will ever hear of again, there up top is Marvel Comics newest corporate asset super-hero, MARVELMAN!  (Or Miracleman as he was known in his anything-to-avoid-a-lawsuit days back when I drew him for this assignment.)    Working for Eclipse in those days was an interesting experience…I spent ten issues inking a brand-spanking new penciler named Lee Weeks (Whatever happened to him?  I hope he’s still in the biz, and doing well)…as well as inking the first published story for Erik Larsen, and a few others.  PLUS: it was my first regular paycheck as a comix creator, and around the time I seriously thought about doing this for a living.  It was WAAAY better than lifting boxes.

Ty the G.   Back to drawing my Mad pages so Mr. Viviano don’t get actually mad.