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Mad Puzzles and Games

Today is a real challenge.  We’ve put up an image of SOMETHING (hard to tell with all those numbers and lines) and are asking for YOUR help to see what it is.  All you have to do, is get out some paints that correspond to the guide seen at the bottom of the image, color INSIDE the lines, and send is the finished version of your artwork.  I’m curious to see how this turns out.


It’s been up online for less than an hour, and we’ve already had a fan send us their attempt at the image.  This one comes to us from a MARK FREDRICKSON of the UNITED STATES, who did a fairly good job, but clearly coloured a LITTLE outside the lines.  Not bad, Mark, and you’ll do better next time.   Meanwhile, we were SO happy with Mark’s colouring, we’re using it as the cover for MAD #503, on sale NOW.  The fact that it contains a page or two of artwork by Ty the Guy should NOT be the deciding factor in purchasing it.  Consider how your birdcage needs lining, or if there are flies in your area that need swatting with a rolled up magazine.

But by it NOW, or we shoot this dog.  Oh, wait, that’s the National Lampoon.

Ty the Guy.


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More Mad

There’s still a cover or two to show from the San Diego Comic Con Mad Magazine special edition…so I’ll be posting them to fill this space until Ty finds time (in between working on his new Mad assignment and prepping for today’s first class for the “Writing for Comics: Inspiration on a Schedule”) to rant all on his own.  I’m back to threatening to follow him around with a tape recorder…he’s been reading a book about the early days of the National Lampoon (a magazine near and dear to Ty’s comedic heart) and giving me little mini-lectures about the history of the NatLamp, SNL, and the early days of Mad. You guys gotta hear some of this stuff!


Ty drawing Harvey Pekar for Mad Magazine–he was pretty happy with this assignment.