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Chasing Ty Templeton…

I’ve been threatening to get a voice-activated recorder for Ty to take when he teaches classes.  Originally, it was because he likes to walk around when he’s stuck on a story point and sometimes he has a great idea and can’t write it down (because he likes to walk at night).  Then, it was to record his lectures to transcribe them because I have ideas (lots and lots of ideas!).  Now, I just want to follow Ty around the house to record the little mini-lectures I sometimes inadvertently trigger–but end up enjoying immensely.

Yesterday, I made some comment about whether Neal Adams is a great artist, and if he isn’t, why is he such a big deal?  I got 45 minutes of Neal’s history in the biz, and why he is such a big deal.  This led into a discussion of some of the great comic strip artists.  Eventually, there was a stack of books on the table that Ty began to leaf through to illustrate his point.  I feel vaguely guilty that I get to have all this to myself–like somehow I should be sharing it with the world!

Anyway…I’m checking the Best Buy ads to see what they have.  (Because tomorrow we’re going to watch the brand new Kids in the Hall series on CBC, and this should start Ty talking about the old days when he hung out/was a member of the comedy crowd in Toronto).

Just to give you a sense, here’s Ty talking about Hoverboy, at FanExpo August 2008 on YouTube.