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Saturday Morning arrives, and like a trusted companion, the Bun Toons is always here! Reliable, honest, hardworking, and totally free, you lucky sons of guns.

Loyalty and Trust. Like a bank or a government, right?

Today, the legend of the Canine in the Large Chapeau….the Woof Woof with the Immense Cap….the Puppy with the Giant Fedora…it’s…

When tragedy strikes, pray you’re told of the news by a really cute cartoon pooch with a sombrero like a pie plate.

And now, this:

Hey!  By the time you’re reading this,  I’ll be at the South Convention Centre building in Toronto, helping to celebrate FAN APPRECIATION weekend.  That means that I’ll be shaking hands, doing sketches, and telling stories about the comics industry that would easily get me sued.

I’ll also be presenting an award at THE JOE SHUSTER AWARDS ceremony, and (most likely) losing an award in the category I’m nominated for (best script, for my STAR TREK GRAPHIC NOVEL, Star Trek:  Mission’s End).  I’ll be crossing my fingers, and my toes, AND the Rubicon, but it won’t work.  Tomorrow, come back here for the special “I didn’t win and the whole thing is silly anyway…who needs #$)(#@$)( awards?!” rant .    Tell you what…win or not, I’ll have a special NEVER BEFORE SEEN STAR TREK artwork blog post that you’ll enjoy.  ‘Specially the Trekkies!

That’s it for today.  Keep on breathing fellow babies, and try not to spill anything all over the Gulf of Mexico, or you’ll go straight to hell.

Ty The Guy

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