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As one of the curators of the Hoverboy museum, it’s my weekly pleasure to unearth another piece of collectible fun featuring the “Floating Fighter of Crime”.  As regular readers know, Hoverboy was a somewhat popular superhero character, star of comics, radio shows and cartoons from the mid-thirties to early eighties, when, sadly, a video game inspired killing spree from one of his co-creators put an end to his fictional adventures.

NUDE COVER web sized

This week, it’s the very rare “Nude Cover” from the seventies that briefly  inspired a weird fad wherein nudists would wear buckets on their heads, to hide both their identity and their ability to see other naked people.  Only in America, huh?

I apologize for the condition of this scan, I’ve spent years looking for a copy in better condition, but this is my personal copy (well read since I was a teenager) and I can’t seem to find a better scan anywhere online, including the Grand Comics Database, which seems to have a bias against old Hoverboy comics, perhaps because of the tragic events of 1981, and the aforementioned killing spree.

To see more, visit the online Hoverboy museum at:  www.hoverboy.com