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Million Dollar Bun Toons! YAY!

Oh, I'm counting my chickens, and I don't give a damn which ones have hatched.

It’s a given that anyone working  on a webcomic is only in it for the money.  There’s simply too much free cash floating around the webcomic business.   We TRY to create a little something for the people, and BAM, suddenly it’s all about the benjamins and the tax shelters and the what have you.   But I promise, deep in our creative hearts, we wish we could go back to the simpler times when creating a webcomic was all about getting the ladies into our cribs.

I’ve drained the pool of water, so there’s some place to dump all the folding green when the money truck pulls up to the house.  I’d get the driver a sandwich or something, but I don’t know where the kitchen is, and it’s the help’s day off.  He can drink from the garden hose if he’s parched.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your odd little Order of the Rabbit Bonus Moments.

This is a painting I found online by a guy named Dimitri Drjuchin called “Mistrust at the Order of the White Rabbit”.  It’s pretty cool…

That would be enough for your bonus moment…but at the same online gallery,  I found this canvass by the same artist:

This one is just titled: Saint Captain America

So, Dimitri gets the win.

Oh, and you can go here if you’re at all interested in the original ORDER OF THE STICK.  Though, with all his cash, the creator probably thinks you’re beneath his notice.  The 1% are like that…


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