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Big Big Countdown Bun Toons YAY!

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The year draws to a close, and I close out my drawings for 2013 with my annual list of what worked, what didn’t and what tickled my bunny bone for the year.  You get a replay of the five MOST popular Bun Toons of the last twelve months (chosen by most unique page hits) and the five that absolutely dropped into the ether with no attention whatsoever.  We get a range of readership here at Bun Toon Central, with some posts being seen by as few as a dozen people, and some being seen by as many four of five dozen people.

Coming in at the what’s-below-bronze position of #5 on the big, big hit parade of 2013 was a Bun Toon done in the style of Dr. Seuss’ immortal classic, ONE FISH TWO FISH RED FISH BLUE FISH.  The style suggested itself as a way to make a simple point even simpler, and since I was dealing with the complex issue surrounding Orson Scott Card’s writing an issue of Superman, Card’s particularly offensive positions on gay rights, and the possibility of a boycott of DC comics as a form of protest, I proved there’s no better way to start public discourse than to simplify it to the point of nonsense.

one fish websize

Obviously the BUN TOON worked, because there was no boycott of DC comics over this issue.  It probably helped that Chris Sprouse, the artist originally hired to draw the Superman comic Card was going to write, backed out at the last minute saying he didn’t want to be part of this controversy, and could he please go back to just drawing pictures, and then DC cancelled the issue as an afterthought.

I’ll score that as a win all around.


I returned to the ORSON SCOTT CARD controversy when the film ENDER’S GAME opened in theatres, with THIS screed about over-simplification:


There, now that I’ve given a reasonable, balanced opinion about the man and his body of work, you can understand the details better.


Holiday themed Bun Toons were the big losers this year, as you’ll see as we go along.  After the great COLUMBUS DAY disasters of previous years (and the ARBOUR DAY debacle of ’05) , you’d think I’d learn to keep away from the subject of grand important holidays, but I can’t help but punch organized days-off in the groin.  It’s who I am.

This year, Easter (or BUNNY DAY as we call it around here) was a Bun Toon ignored by one and all.  Lucky you, you get a chance to ignore it all over again.  A bit of a warning, there’s some NSFW nudity coming up, but it’s subtle, you have to STARE at it for a while to see it, and then you feel all icky for staring.

easter websize

Hah!  I made you look at a woman’s European styled under-area, all in the name of making fun of Easter!  HAH!

See you back here tomorrow for more successful Bun Toon fun featuring the comic industry’s leading lady, and another piece of crap no one liked featuring a true story from my youth.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Of course, as is tradition, we wish STAN (the man) LEE a happy 91st Birthday!  Stan always has his birthday the same day we start the Bun Toon countdown because you know Stan, he’s trying to horn in on my action.  Sheesh!  You get the movie cameos big guy, stop trying to hog the Bun Toons!

Preposterous Over-Simplification Bun Toons! YAY!

I hope I'm not being too subtle

I hope I’m not being too subtle

MANSON VS CARDIf I hear one more person tell me that this movie “…is really good and has nothing to do with Card’s politics…” then I’m going to smile benignly and do nothing, because that’s the zen master that I am.

I’m not suggested a boycott of this Ender’s Game movie.  I’m suggesting you go out and get a copy of Manson’s solo album, because it’s really good and has nothing to do with his murder spree.

Ty the Guy OUT!

And then, there’s this:

enders game marvel comicsHow come people only protested when Card was writing Superman at DC?  It seems he’s had a lively career as a writer and source material at Marvel without anyone batting an eye…


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Spokescreature Bun Toons! YAY!

The Rabbit is amongst his peers!

The Rabbit is amongst his peers!

This is the LATEST I’ve ever put up a Bun Toon, but I have very good excuse!  I spent the morning with my daughter recording backing vocals for GLENN REID’S newest CD, and couldn’t get to the drawing desk on time.

But I Bun Toon in hurricanes, darkness and floods, so it arrives after all, if a few hours late.

Now that DC Comics has replaced their nearly-always-dead-Robin the Boy Wonder with Casper the Friendly Ghost, I thought it might be a nice opportunity to look back at a few other corporate, and institutional, mascots that have been replaced over the years.  It’s a fascinating history.

How many of you still remember these…

forgotten mascots revised 2

The stuff about Spuds MacKenzie is completely true, I looked it up.   She was really named HONEY TREE EVIL EYE.

Please serve your dog alcohol RESPONSIBLY.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now,  your BONUS Corporate Mascot Comic Book Moment:

Because LSD memories are so unreliable, I kept a copy of this from my childhood.  It's a real comic.

Because LSD memories are so unreliable, I kept a copy of this from my childhood. It’s real.


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For last week’s re-run Bun Toons (because there was a convention), click here.

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I Can Read It By Myself Bun Toons! YAY!

A cat in a hat is nothing.  Try getting a shirt on a rabbit.

A cat in a hat is nothing. Try getting a shirt on a rabbit, you’ll lose a finger.

Who doesn’t love controversy?  It gives everyone a chance to rally behind a good cause or a bad cause, or the next one that sparkles and catches one’s eye.

This week, our industry turned it’s sparkly attention towards the New DC Online Digital Adventures of Superman because some stories are going to be written by a mildly well known science fiction writer who is also a mildly well known activist for keeping “traditional values” away from gay people.   Which, of course means, we’ll be finding out next year he’s gay himself.

In the meantime, some thoughts…

one fish websize

That word balloon from panel two is essentially a real quote from Orson Scott Card, only he didn’t rhyme when he said it.  History is bending away from those sorts of comments in the 21st Century though, and one hopes Mr. Card learns to bend away from them as well.

Right wing people well bend faster if we don’t alienate, demonize and and try to silence them so much.  If we actually have the better path to a better society with equality for all, then we should educate the other side to this idea, enlighten the confused, and lift up people instead of shouting at them.   You actually win some over that way.

And boycotting a company I used to work at, and punishing struggling retailers in my neighbourhood, to make some point, is just a preposterously dumb idea that wins over no one.

Even the CIA knows it’s better to turn an opponent than kill him.  If you can’t trust the CIA, who can you trust?

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Dr. Seuss Comic Book Moment:

the call of cthulu seuss

This delightful parody project is brought to you from Down Under by an illustrator known as Dr. Faustus.  Here’s his Deviant Art page, where you can read the entire Call of Cthulu Easy Reader.   Too much fun!


vibe link last week


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