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Kidney Bun Toons. OW OW OW!

Apparently it’s as painful as childbirth…but I can’t believe childbirth is THAT painful.

So, as I head for bed last night, I realize I’m a couple of days late with a Spider-Man job, and it’s actually immoral for me to work on a Bun Toon the next morning until I finish the job on my drawing table.  But…about ten minutes after I head for bed, I get a little pain in my side…which changes some of my plans for the weekend, all on its own.

This Bun Toon was drawn in the Emergency Room with paper a nurse found for me.  Sorry if it’s difficult to read.



As of this morning at about 6:00 am, I passed the stone.


They’re right.  It’s WAY more painful than giving birth to a child.  At least the child gets you birthday presents once they reach the age of ten.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Of course, this being comics and kidneys, there’s only ONE possible Bonus Moment:

Comics’ greatest Kidney Hero, from Howard the Duck.


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