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Potentially Obtuse Bun Toons

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We’re all enraged this week.

Let’s make the rage rational.

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When I first heard of the Paris shootings, my first thought was horror, and my second thought was “…some Muslim cab driver is going to get knifed over this later in the week”.

My Third Thought:  I wanted to reprint every Charlie Hebdo cover that ever featured Mohammed on my blog, just to spit into the eye of those monstrous religious extremists that feel they can control OTHER PEOPLE’S free speech.

Fuck religious people who want to control you.  Fuck religion.

But some of those covers were clearly racist, and I realized that to feature those Charlie Hebdo covers again as a knee-jerk reaction would also be spitting in the eye of every other Muslim, just because of the action of a small group of psychotics that do not represent them or their religion.    And I cannot, in good conscience, punch back at every brown skinned middle eastern person of faith because I’m enraged.

I still drew Mohammed up there. It was part of the story so fuck fear.

And fuck labels that spread the blame to an entire culture.  No one deserves them.

Unless all you white protestants are all willing to apologize daily for Custer and the Klan and the Green River Killer.

Ty the Guy OUT


The “Charlie” in CHARLIE HEBDO is a reference (partly) to Charlie Brown.

Today, as the bonus moment:  My favourite Charlie Brown strip of all time.  It’s useful information to folks who believe this world was formed with a religious plan.


Let’s never forget, that the most religious member of the Peanuts gang (Linus) is the one who cannot let go of his security blanket.


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