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Pre-Con Sketchcover Commissions 2016


I generally only do commissions on-site at conventions but after a number of requests, I did some in advance last year. I was pleased at the results (I like working at home in my drawing chair!) so I’ll be doing it again this year. At the moment, I’m limiting this to sketchcovers. As long as a convention is still listed, I’ll be taking commission requests for it but I am limiting numbers for each con.



Toronto Comicon March 18 – 20


Emerald City Comicon April 6 – 10

Calgary Entertainment & Comic Expo April 28 – May 1

(More to be added as they’re announced)

batman manbat ty templeton

At this time I’m only planning on doing sketchcovers. I do have some sketchcovers in stock; if you want something else, I will see if I can get it from my LCS (and will let you know the added cost).

Single figures are $60, Two figures are $90, ink, markers and copics.

The blank sketchcovers I currently have on hand are:

Batman 66 #23

Batgirl #38

Superman #32 

A-Force Secret Wars #001

The Flash #39

Wolverine #310

Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #001

Wonder Woman #19

Wonder Woman #36 

Justice League #16

rat a tat penguin ty templeton


All covers will be available for pick-up ONLY at the convention. Payment can be in cash at the convention or you can PayPal me before pickup.

If you’re interested, send me an email at tybunny@gmail.com and tell me which blank, and what you’re looking for. I’ll confirm with you before I start anything.


Ty the Guy OUT!

Pages Not as Old as Some Other Pages

Running out of ways to say “new pages”…


Ty is busy, busy, busy with work, deadlines, children, creativity and oh-so-many things.  I’m wandering around in a daze trying to remember everything that I’m supposed to do so that I can feel really, really bad that I’m not getting any of it done!  So, we’re a bit late (yeah, yeah, a lot late) posting new pages this week…as we were last week…and the week before…  Oh, wait!  This is the Guy’s blog–we can do whatever the hell we want!  Why I just…holy cow, I just swore.

Ty found some pages he’d done as part of a Mad Magazine spoof of Batman. They’re all done on paper, in markers and some ink. This was when Ty was pretty fond of drawing each panel the size of 8 x 11 paper, then scanning each one and stitching them all together in PhotoShop. He found that he loved the freedom of working on the paper, sitting in his La-Z-Boy chair in some completely ergonomically incorrect pose, watching his shows and not worrying for a single moment about how he was putting lines down.  On board, there’s always the concern about having to erase too much, ruining the paper; or worse, realizing that in that one panel he’d drawn that one character about 10% smaller than he should have been.  Sure, he could draw a patch and fix a small portion of a board–but if it got really bad, then there was the possibility of having to redraw or retracing the whole page.  Sure there’s times when Ty ends up doing the panel over and over again, or maybe just one figure endlessly (there was that stack of 27 Supermans from some project…), but it’s still better than an entire page.

(At last summer’s FanExpo, Gabriel Morrisette was showing us some pages he’d done. I was confused when I realized that two of the pages were virutally identical–so close, that really, I could barely tell the difference.  Let’s face it–Gabriel’s version of a terrible page is better than a lot of artist’s good page. But the  difference seemed painfully obvious to Gabriel. Ty laughed and said, “Tell her! Tell her!” and Gabrielle ‘fessed up that he traces entire pages AGAIN all the time.  Ty was kind of triumphant, “See!  It’s not just me!” I assumed he meant “who is crazy” but he actually meant, “who understands that it’s important because that second page is so much better.”  I still think they’re all crazy…)

So, the Penguin/Batman pieces are all done on paper…8″ x 10″, I think…I’ll have to check. Marker and ink, pencilled and inked by Ty.



Here’s a quick panel from Ty’s most recently published Mad Magazine work…here’s a mini-golf game featuring Mrs. Tiger Woods as a hazard…



This is the cover for Justice League Unlimited #21 of John Stewart and The Vixen. On 11″ x 17″ paper, pencilled and inked (in inks and markers) by Ty.



Ty had done covers for different incarnations of the Batman Adventures books and he’d been colouring them since the days when artists used Doc Martin dyes and a 64 colour chart.  The Justice League Unlimited covers were coloured in PhotoShop.

Here’s the colours he sent in:



When the comic was published, and Ty’s copies arrived at the door, he was a wee bit surprised to open the box and find this:


I’m sure Ty has stuff to say about that but…he’s not here right now.

Whoops!  I’m here now….TY’s NOTE:  Eagle eyes might notice my signature is backwards in the original art.  That’s because I decided, during the inking stage, that it was better if Stewart-Lantern was to the left of the image…and as I was going to scan and colour it myself when it was done, I figured to flip EVERYTHING in the image and signed the art backwards with my left hand knowing it would end up the right way.  Oh, I’m such an irrepressible scamp!!

Now back to your regularly scheduled Keiren.

I’ll post prices in the next day or so, when I get the pages sorted out into their various galleries.


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Batman Happy Meals, redux

To those who’ve asked…

At the time of the promotion for which Ty drew art, for reasons we’ve never known, McDonald’s Canada (or maybe just Ontario…or heck, maybe Toronto, we never knew) were not using boxes for Happy Meals.  As I said, I don’t know why–but the food was packaged in plain ol’ boring bags.  (Yes, Happy Meals come in bags these days–but in the olden days, they were boxed…then bagged, back to boxed, now back to bags.) Okay, the bags had some promotional art on them–but I think that too came later.  I don’t remember the Batman ones clearly to tell the truth…but they didn’t have Ty’s art on them or he would have fanatically collected them (Batman and McDonald’s…if only Coca Cola and The Beatles had been involved, and you would have had all of his loves from the time period!).

The toys were not based on Ty’s designs and he didn’t get any of them at the time…he’s “inherited” a few since (as in, Kellam left them behind when he moved).  But, we only ever had a couple–the Robin car, the Penguin car…and I have memories of constantly tidying away the Batman figure. And there was a Batmobile which would split into two (so you could shoot the front half at somebody.  In our house, that was usually a younger sibling, and that would not end well), and eventually, Kellam’s wouldn’t go back together.

And, is it just me, or was the Robin scooter kinda lame-assed?  It didn’t do anything! Although, all the Two-Face car did was “transform”–you could turn over the front and back half of the car.  I remember we had more of those cars than any others…but most of them, the twistable parts ended up so loose they would just spin around.

(On a search of Ty’s studio, I also found the Two-Face car; but I’ve never seen the Joker’s or Catwoman’s.  Don’t know if Batgirl had a vehicle?)


Animation by Ty

We (he and I) have done posts before about animated projects Ty has been involved with (goodbye, months of our lives gone to Dexter Early Cuts!), but yesterday’s post made me think I should just quickly gather ’em all in one place.  So, here, with no fanfare whatsoever…


Zellers Law of Toyland commercials

featuring Joker

featuring Penguin

featuring Catwoman

featuring Riddler

(Ty did storyboards, layouts, full-animation for all the parts that repeat for each commercial and then, reveals for the Joker and the Penguin (coming out from the cash register.  He was less-involved in the latter two)



Jerry Seinfeld and Superman for American Express commercials

“Hindsight is 20/20”

“A uniform used to mean something”

There’s a third one I have to hunt down…

(Ty did the still images that transform into the live action…if you have an eye for it, you’ll recognize his lettering for the titles)



Dexter Early Cuts, “Cindy Landon” webisodes for Showtime

Dexter Early Cuts, “Cindy Landon”

(Ty did all the drawings–not for the credits–and the colouring for those drawings.  With an assist from Yours Truly. Animation was done by KTV Media.)

And Ty says this re-mix of the Batman commericals amused the hell out of him, so he asked me to put it up for ya (we’re still busy arguing about where it should go in this sequence…as I’m the one at the keyboard, I currently am winning, but at any moment he could shove my chair out of the way–it’s on wheels–and take over).

Holy Perplexity, Batman


“When Styles Collide”

Ty is busy with an assignment (drawing yellow people) and can’t write up an entry today.  So, he quickly sent me this and asked me to post it…it’s an assignment he did for Mad Magazine a couple years back.  I’ll try to get more details out of him later…

(click on the art for a larger version)