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Debatable Bun Toons! YAY!

Whether or not it’s funny, that’s debatable.

It was the most watched debate for VP in history.  Or at least for the last four years (I didn’t look it up).  But my wife and I watched the whole thing and enjoyed it quite a bit….right up until the reviews came in and it was….

In Canada, the polling said that Biden won it 88 to 12.  But that’s Canada, where we have a free press and stuff like that.

On her show the next day, Rachel Maddow said “…right after the debate, the Democrats claimed Biden won, and the Republicans claimed Biden was disrespectful and mean to Paul Ryan.  One is a boast, the other is an excuse.   That tells you everything.”

Ty the Guy OUT!

And now, your BONUS Joe Biden Comic Book Moment

Because if they can’t find the latest issue of the Avengers, Joe Biden is tops with comics fans.


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