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You Can’t Sue Me Bun Toons! YAY!

But I still have a lawyer on retainer.

Had a lovely sleep in this morning, so you get the Bun Toons in the afternoon instead of the morning.    I still love you, but I love my pillow more.

In a world with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Before Watchmen all coming at me at the same time, I feel there’s a few folks we HAVEN’T heard from in the discussion about creatively appropriating the previously created.  (That’s my new euphemism for plagiarism.  It’s mine, don’t steal it.)


Woah.  I thought she was Mona Lisa, and I DREW the damn thing.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS moment of appropriating the previously created.  Because the internet will always out-weird me:

I’m fairly sure she hunts Victorian Vampire-Ninjas.


For last week’s appropriation of my father’s cartooning skills, click the lovely drawing above.

For every Bun Toon ever (in which I often steal other people’s characters, ideas and jokes) click the ripped-off rabbit above.