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Bun Toons Countdown 2011 – #3. YAY!

This entry into the Top Five is an odd one.  First, it had nothing to do with comic books (though eight out of the top ten Bun Toons did), second, it’s not funny, nor is it meant to be,  and finally, though I wrote it, it’s one of the few Bun Toons this year that I didn’t draw.  Jason Laudadio drew the piece, a wonderfully skilled artist from Toronto and WOW did he knock it out of the park!

It was posted the week that America retired their Space Shuttle program, and that country gave up on putting  human beings in space for the foreseeable future.  This Bun Toon was my comment on it.  A number of news sites following the story of the shuttle’s retirement picked up our contribution to the conversation and it went all viral, as the kids say.

It’s a nice feeling when you do a little heartfelt piece, just to keep the wheels of creativity greased, and tens of thousands of people end up reading it.

Again, round of applause for Jason Laudadio’s art on this story.  Go tell Jason you love him.

As I said before, the Prometheus Toon wasn’t about comic books, so I was very surprised it was popular, but I can never gauge what people out there are going to react to.



Checking in for the failure side of things is a Bun Toon I was really pleased with when I did it, and my buddy Dan Slott called me up afterwards to tell me it was the funniest one I’d ever drawn.   (I have to keep remembering that mentioning the now-world-famous Dan is name dropping nowadays!  HAH!)

Anyway, here’s one that amused me and Slott, but not that many other people.  It’s about the dying media of newspaper comic strips.   Too dead a target, I suppose.

As I child, I would have LOVED to see Wolf’s World in the paper.   Every day, they eat something new.  A cat, a dog, perhaps an orphan or one of their own, the possibilities are endless.

See you tomorrow with the #2 Bun Toon that turned my comments section into the hottest all-star hangout on the internet for a couple of days…that, AND the miserable failure that was my Bun Toons death scene.

Ty the Guy OUT!


Here’s a story I wrote a year or so ago, with lovely artwork by “Comic Book Bootcamp” graduate Jason Laudadio, lettered by KT Smith.   It was originally slated to appear in the anthology SEX, VIOLENCE, SUFFERING AND WICKEDNESS COMICS, a title which was to feature the work of my former students…but which never came out…at least not yet.  So– you lucky legions of websurfing art seekers get to see it here, instead.




There are more of these mini-masterpieces, originally meant for the anthology, and you all can read more of them here, at the bootcamp alumni website, but you already knew that.   Don’t just SIT there–get on over and enjoy some excellent work from a horde/swarm/nest/colony of new talents.  Oh wait, you SHOULD just sit there, it only requires a mouse click.  Just let the atrophying joy of the inter-tubes wash over your fine, stringy muscles.

Ty the Guy