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Reviews for Marvel’s Age of Heroes

Found a couple of quick reviews of Age of Heroes, mentioning the one-pager Ty did with Dan Slott:

Over in Robot 6, CBR, Tim O’Shea says,

“Kurt Busiek back in the Marvel universe is a nice treat–his take on J. Jonah Jameson as politician in the Age of Heroes #1 (of 4) is as good as Mark Waid’s (that’s a compliment). He even gets to write the Avengers for a second. This issue also has Paul Cornell & Leonard Kirk on a Captain Britain & MI:13 two-pager (anyone else think there might be a miniseries with this team down the road? I hope so). And while it’s only a one-pager, anytime Dan Slott and Ty Templeton team up on anything I am happy.”

From Random Thoughts,

“Age Of Heroes #1- Another anthology book. This mini takes a focus on characters instead of titles. There is a great Kurt Busiek story about JJ Jameson’s reaction to the Siege aftermath. Paul Cornell gets a love letter to his Captain Britain & MI 13 series and there is a funny one page Spidey story by Dan Slott and Ty Templeton…”

IGN Comics, Age of Heroes #1 Review,

“…Dan Slott reunites with Spider-Man/Human Torch artist Ty Templeton for another jaunt with Spidey. This story is a mere one page, unfortunately. It’s an amusing and well-rendered take on the Heroic Age through the eyes of poor ol’ Peter Parker. But again, it’s only one page long.”