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Saturday Morning Quick Comics! YAY!

No time.  I’ve got no time!.


Not so much a webcomic blog as a complusive disorder.


I’ve got no time!  I’m too busy.  There’s no spare minutes to be typing this!

I’m sorry, I would have put more effort into the complexity of the script and the sophistication of the artwork, but I’m currently working two jobs to pay the mortgage I owe to the bank.   PLUS I just heard the American dollar is being devalued, and that means this Canadian has to find more work!  I wish I could stay and talk, but I’ve got to go.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your comic book advertising moment of zen:


For last week’s bun toon, an amusing bit of blasphemy about Halloween, click the image below!

See you soon, with more of the Blog Funny, as soon as I get a spare minute.  Busy, busy, busy.