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Deadpool for Beginners Bun Toon! YAY!

logo rusty

Lesson one:  Put on a bullet proof vest.

The big event is coming –

-and I do NOT mean the Superbowl, which I understand is some time this weekend.

I’m talking about Deadpool (the “regenerating degenerate”, the “merc with a mouth” and Marvel’s most popular non-clawed mutant) and his movie premiere.

To those of us in the funnybook biz, Wade Wilson is well known…but outside of the eight people who stayed awake for his last big screen appearance, Deadpool is an unknown, a mystery, a cipher wrapped in an enigma.

That’s why the Bun Toon is here:

deadpool four panels websize

I’ll see you guys on opening day.  Except for you kiddies…this one’s not for YOU.

Ty the Guy OUT!


I’ve done my little part to keep Deadpool from being TOO successful.  Here’s a page I drew from DEADPOOL #250 (death of Deadpool special) last year.

death of deadpool page 1

death of deadpool cover

this is the cover, if you can’t live without the issue.  It’s actually a really fun special!


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Lesson one:  Put on a bullet proof vest.

Green Lantern in Four Panels Bun Toons. YAY!

In brightest day, in blackest night, I have shades for my windows and I sleep all right.

The Green Lantern movie is finally here.  After months of tepid build-up, and fairly uninspired previews, the ho-hum summer blockbuster has arrived in theaters to fairly poor reviews and little enthusiasm.  Just like Green Lantern deserves!

Oh, the letters I’m going to get for putting down Hal Jordan.  Both of his fans are going to be nasty…(NOTE:  Infinitesimal movie spoilers in the last panel.)

Oh, Warner Brothers feature film department, can you never make a decent DC movie without Batman in it?

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS Green Lantern/Warner Brothers movie moment:

If you haven’t seen it, the above video is the best Green Lantern film, SO FAR…


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