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Lo, There Shall Come a Battle Bun Toons! YAY!

Titans are clashing!  Titans, I tell you!

Titans are clashing! Titans, I tell you!

So apparently there’s something about a new Secret Wars Marvel project, and something about ret-conning some Marvel history when it all shakes out.

Clay pigeons loaded…

Off we go.

marvel reboot

Anyone who recognizes themselves, please report to your nearest station and await further instructions.

Ty the Guy OUT!


Straw Men have been popular in comics for quite a while now…

straw men dark

I’ve not read this series, but that cover is rock solid.

straw men skullsThis is the only cover from this All American Comics NSFW series that I can put on this family friendly website.

straw man marvel

Even Marvel Comics is familiar with publishing straw men.


james bond link

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For the Bun Toons archives, click here

Unseen Batman Adventures from Beyond Time!!

The other day I was cleaning up the studio, and I came across the one and only rejected cover I did for the Batman Adventures series.  It was the original version of the cover for #4 (from the first series).  It’s never been put online or shown at a convention or anything, so I thought it might be fun to show it off here.  It was rejected because 1)  It’s not very active, and 2)  The logo was too small in the image.  I’m not sure why I penciled and inked it, as mostly we chose covers from layouts, but this one somehow got penciled and inked before everyone decided it possibly sucked.

That’s not the original colour, as it never got THAT far through production.  I just tossed some colours on to give a sense of what it should have looked at in final form.

The story was a two part script about Scarecrow taking away the ability to read from the citizens of Gotham, which naturally frightens everyone.  Here’s the cover we did use…much better in the long run, so no harm done in tossing the first idea.

And just to finish up the thought…here’s Mike Parobeck’s cover for #5, the second of the two parts, which finally featured the not-being-able-to-read aspect of the image from the rejected cover.

There’s still tons of unseen Batman Adventures stuff in my studio, including T-Shirt designs, style-guide art, coloring book covers, product art and bunches of stuff….but this is the only actual comic cover we never used.  Since I found it this week, I put it online this week.

Maybe not the greatest work I ever did, but still fun for folks to see it, nevertheless.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your Batman Moment of the Day:

I wish I knew who created this image originally so I could credit their great work.  I saw it online a couple of weeks ago and tried to track down who did it, but have turned up nothing so far.  If you know who made this, please let me know, he deserves a salute!


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