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Pages from the Pile

Ty announced to me that he’d scanned a pile of pages for me, and started showing them to me, so he could tell me the prices. So, upon viewing the above, I asked the price. “Oh, this isn’t for sale. I’d never sell this. Why would you think I’d sell this?  How could you ask me to sell this?”

When I finally got him to calm down and breathe, I asked cautiously why this was in the pile of pages to sell.  Ty looked at me blankly and announced (as if it were completely obvious to all but me), “Because it’s a great page! I love this page! I would never se–”

Anyway. Great page. Legion of Substitute Heroes. Not for Sale. But here it is  for the world to see…

Okay, time’s up.

Now, on to business…

We’ve got four pages from DC Comics, Who’s WhoMaxwell Lord, Rainbow Raider and Snapper Carr.

All pages are 11″ x 17″, on board, pencils and inks by Ty Templeton


Maxwell Lord         Who’s Who    $75/USD



Maxwell Lord pinup Who’s Who     $100/USD



Rainbow Raider     Who’s Who              $150/USD



Snapper Carr               Who’s Who                  $175/USD

Prices to follow later in the day…and maybe some more pages now I know how the scanner works.


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