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Ty on TV

A couple weeks back, Ty co-hosted InnerSPACE:  Graphic Novels with Teddy Wilson and Ajay Fry.  For those of you who missed it (HOW? HOW DID YOU MISS IT?) it’s now available online…

InnerSPACE:  Graphic Novels


Yeah, yeah, San Diego Comic Con just finished and it was amazing, unbelievable, there were so many cool people blah blah blah. Time to move on! (Yes, we weren’t there…why do you ask?) Now, you have more or less a month to get yourself excited for FanExpo Canada. Canada’s biggest comic book convention will be running August 27-29 2010. Check their website for information on guests, panels, workshops, etc.

Ty will be at the show and will be doing at least one workshop, possibly two. When we get details, we’ll pass them on. As always, Ty will sign and sketch (for free) happily.  If you want to do any interviews with him while he’s at the show, arrange them in advance (email him at ty@templetons.com) or be prepared to put up with the chatter of the crowd. Ty is a big believer in the “the fans keep us working” philosophy, and likes to have this chance to “give back”. He’ll also have a book of art available for sale–probably just the stuff already up on the site.

And, as always, if you’re curious if Ty is turning up anywhere and I/we/he haven’t posted anything…check out Appearances on the All about Ty page (tab at top above the header…).


(Ty is on a Space:  The Imagination Station show sometime in the near future…it’s already shot, I’m just trying to find out details)