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Ty teaches…

Ty taught courses at Max the Mutt Animation School for a couple of years.  He began by teaching his Comic Book Bootcamp, then turned to teaching courses during the day for the school’s Sequential Arts program.

After a semester teaching three courses full-time, he realized he had no free time to actually work on comic books–and Ty has always maintained that in order to teach others how to do something like “how to make comics for a living” one has to make a living at it oneself.  Not only to make a living–but to keep up on what is new, fresh and modern.  The comics of 2009 are very different from those of 1989, and it’s a style difference that is not just from the widespread use of computers to make those comics.

So, Ty left teaching at Max the Mutt.

The Toronto Cartoonists Workshop was founded by a student, Walter Dickinson, who took Ty’s Comic Book Bootcamp courses (and had actually lobbied to have Max the Mutt offer those courses, and to create the Sequential Arts program). The Workshop is currently offering courses taught by Ty and by Paul Rivoche.  There are plans to offer other courses including some weekend-long ones.  If you live in the GTA and you’re interested, check out the website periodically to see what’s on offer.

Ty’s current workshop is fully booked (and has a waiting list).  But, Ty will be teaching other workshops next year (February 2010).  If you’re interested, book early–these courses fill up quickly.

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