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This is The End

…of the five part interview of Ty, by Michel Fiffe. Ty discusses Howard the Duck, Mr. Comics and Hoverboy. Check it out over at The Comics Journal.

Ad for Revolution on the Planet of the Apes, from Mr. Comics


Part 4 on Friday…

Part 4 of Michel Fiffe’s interview with Ty is up and going over at The Comics Journal.  Two pages of Ty’s thoughts on religion and his own style.

The last part of the interview will be up on Monday morning.


Part 3: Ty has more to say

The Comics Journal has posted Part 3 of Michel Fiffe’s interview with Ty.


Part 2, Michel Fiffe interviews Ty

up over at The Comics Journal.


Big Fat Gushing Niceness

Came home to find Ty pleased and pshaw-ing at the same time (haven’t got a better second “p” verb–one will occur to me and I’ll fix that sentence!).  Michel Fiffe interviewed Ty a while back for The Comics Journal, and Part 1 is online.

The actual interview was Ty answering Michel’s questions, so he expected all that, but Michel wrote an amazing intro to it.  Ty’s all humbled and blushing…he even tried to dissuade me from posting this.  Like that’s ever worked!

Check it out…